You’re invited: Product Photography & DAM (7/14)


Save the date! Globaledit will be hosting the next DAM Meetup about Product Photography & DAM on Tuesday, July 14, 2015.

Many organizations photograph their products to market them online (eCommerce platforms, affiliated websites, social media) and/or in stores. The high volume of items photographed and, as a result, of photos taken makes it very challenging for brands to keep track of their assets. Using a DAM system enables them to keep the best photographs and helps with multi-channel distribution.

A talented panel of experts and professionals will be sharing their experience and best practices in product photography & DAM system:

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 4.32.36 PM


When: Tuesday, July 14, 2015 from 6.30PM to 9PM

Where: Industrial Color Brands / Globaledit, 32 Ave. of the Americas, 22nd Fl., New York, NY

Top 5 Stories of the Week


Stay on top of industry news & trends with our top 5 must-read stories of the week!

Here’s what you should read this week:


JPEG Compression Test: Google Photos vs. JPEGmini (via PetaPixel)

How to reduce the size of photo files without changing the perceptual quality of the images? PetaPixel ran a series of tests to compare the photo compression performance of the newly released Google Photo vs. JPEGmini.



Get Ready for Social Media’s Big Event Trends (via Freeman XP)

From Twitter’s Project Lightening to Snapchat’s Our Stories to Instagram’s Search & Explore, social media platforms are capitalizing on customer- and brand-generated content shared during live events.




Adobe Has Entered the Stock Photo Market, Competes with Getty and Shutterstock (via Resource Magazine)

The market for stock images is massive, coming in at over $3 billion. That’s why Adobe just launched Adobe Stock, which lets consumers buy and sell creative content (images and graphics) directly through the Creative Cloud interface.



Twitter Gets More Shoppable With Product Pages And Collections (via Techcrunch)
Slowly but surely Twitter moves into eCommerce, releasing two new products this week: Product and Place Pages and Collections. This means more eCommerce channels to manage, and new opportunities for brands.




Comedy Central in the Post-TV Era (via The New York Times)

The network is in the middle of a creative renaissance and a business-model crisis. What does a television network do when its bread-and-butter demographic, young, piracy-fluent, glued to phones, stops watching television?




Do you have an article to share with us? Reach out on Twitter, we love hearing from you: @globaledit.

Smashbox Studios Receives LABC’s Award of Excellence in Interiors


After being rewarded “2015 Best Redevelopment Project” by the Los Angeles Business Journal, our sister company, Smashbox Studios has received LABC’s Los Angeles Architectural Award of Excellence in Interiors.

Congratulations to the whole team at Industrial Color Brands, Gensler and Howard Building Corporation for making this incredible project possible!


When the renovation project started a year ago, it was a huge undertaking with very tight deadlines. The team was split between the East Coast and the West Coast of the United States, making it harder to communicate and work together.

Find out how design and architecture firm Gensler and all the stakeholders leveraged globaledit to remove barriers of time and location, and avoid expensive mistakes. Read the article.

Tech Talk: Nick Balsamo


In this edition of Tech Talk we sat down with Nick Balsamo, one of our talented software developers who’s dedicated to making sure our platform runs smoothly. Read more below!


What is your role at globaledit?

I’m currently a software engineer with focuses on our backend development and on crafting our automation frameworks. What this means is that I work with our QA team to build the tools they use to write tests that check if globaledit is healthy and working optimally. These tests will  run each night and perform a variety of scenarios. This also means I work on building out our APIs and services for the iOS app and website.

In many ways, my position requires me to straddle between QA and development; I’m pretty much a “liaison” between the two. Whenever the QA team needs tools, I build them!


What is the most challenging part of your position?

When I was hired about a year ago, I actually didn’t have any experience building testing frameworks. As a result, I had to do a lot of research. We were just starting to automate our tests, so I looked extensively into QA tools—what would work for us and what was most cost effective. Since then I’ve worked with the QA team to build up our automation framework from scratch.


Nick Balsamo_globaledit3What’s your approach to solving a problem?

Start out by defining the problem and its variables. What can and can’t you control? From there, it’s all about taking incremental steps. You never want to just dive in and attempt to tackle a problem in its entirety. Modularize it: Divide it into digestible segments, start with the first part, and work your way on to the next one.


What do you enjoy most about globaledit?

I used to work for an investment bank in developing software that tracks the performance of a client’s investments. After a few years there, I decided it wasn’t for me. Now that I’ve joined globaledit, my work environment is much more uplifting. Everyone takes ownership of their work and we all take pride in building together a product that is constantly improving.Nick Balsamo_globaledit1

One of the most enjoyable aspects is the atmosphere and work vibe around the office. Having a relatively small team in comparison to a huge company means that you get to work one-on-one most of the time, and there’s an individual touch to everything. Everyone has their hands in the pot, whether it’s database work, API building, or front-end development. We’re not limited to just one role, which leaves a lot of room for growth.


What are your favorite apps?

I’m actually a big runner so I really enjoy Nike Plus. It tracks how fast you’re going and your mileage. I find it pretty interesting since I get to visibly see what affects my running. If I went out the night before, I’ll obviously be running slower than normal. If I ate something pretty energizing in the morning, I’ll see how effective it is.

As far as work apps go, I created a tool that captures the state of the website as the system runs through our automated tests. It’s incredibly useful because you get to see exactly what’s happening when something goes wrong. Not to mention, it feeds into a dashboard that summarizes the results and progress of a running test. Definitely a time-saver.


What do you enjoy to do outside work?Nick-Balsamo_globaledit 4

I really enjoy traveling around the country going to the “big games” and visiting different stadiums. In the last few years I’ve been to the Super Bowl, the College Football Championship, a few Stanley Cup Finals games, and 15 different MLB stadiums. The best part has to be the tailgating and how each city has their own culture and their own traditions. These trips aren’t the most traditional types of vacations, but they’re a great way to see the country!

Use Case: globaledit Desktop for Event Photography

Q&A with Marketing Producer, Julia Foresman of Industrial color brands

We’ve been talking a lot about the gallery exhibit going on at our headquarters in TriBeCa over the past month.  As Jean Jullien’s installation comes to a close at the end of May, the Industrial Color Brands team shared with us how they’ve leveraged globaledit to manage content creation for its four divisions: Industrial Color, Fast Ashleys Studios, Impact Digital, and (of course) globaledit.

How do you leverage events for marketing purposes?

As a brand we’re entrenched in creative production on all levels, so being able to curate a creative endeavor ourselves is NMC_0329essential.  An exhibit like our recent collaboration with Jean Jullien offers huge opportunity to engage with the community about something aside from the services we offer.  Practically, this also means creating a lot of promotional content about the exhibit, the artist, and putting on an event for the opening.

What is your role in the process?

I’m responsible for curating all of the raw content and distributing it on our websites through blog articles and social media. Because I work for all of the Industrial Color Brands divisions that means managing four websites and 16+ social media outlets, each with original content that aligns with their specific  ‘voice’.

How did you manage all of the assets produced in promoting an event like this?

Part of what has made my job easier in promoting globaledit as a platform is that I legitimately use it every day to manage all of our photo and video assets. With four divisions under the Industrial Color Brands umbrella, we’re producing a wide variety of content every day that isn’t specific to one division.  Events are unique in that we’re promoting across all divisions simultaneously, so we have four times the amount of distribution all at once.

What is the biggest challenge with managing event photography?

Event photography like a photo booth can be a monster of a task. Time is of the essence when it comes to leveraging the post-show buzz and all of the photography captured during it. By the next day people want to see the photo booth collection and share the photos themselves, and of course we want them to as well.11084300_2159573074089871_6258438982050017144_n

Thanks to the team at Industrial Color we have a custom photo booth set-up that people get super engaged with at our events.  In fours we’re talking upwards of three thousand photos.  The challenge here is being able to quickly pare down 3,000 some images into multiple galleries to share by the next afternoon.

 How do You get from 3,000 photos to the few you want to use?

Once in globaledit I use a star rating method to quickly pare selects down to a few hundred and then separate out 25-50 unique photos for each division. I put each division’s photos into a separate Lightbox, download them and get to work on distributing.  By the afternoon I’ll have created four Facebook albums, four blog articles and who knows how many additional social posts cross promoting and linking them all together.JFO_ARTICLE_22222

Usually, I’d start this process by getting a drive from our photo booth Tech and uploading all the assets first thing the next day.  However, this event was our first time using the new ‘globaledit desktop’ feature for the booth, which was hugely beneficial.

How was globaledit desktop used in this case?

The globaledit team set up a ‘hot folder’ at the capture station so that every single photo taken in the booth automatically uploaded into a folder in globaledit right on the spot.  No drive to upload the next morning. And both RAW and jpgs were accessible immediately.  I was able to start making selects that night, cutting down the turn-around time to distribution even further. This was also great for the Industrial Color Tech who handled the photo JOBS_CUbooth set up.  He didn’t have to manage handing over files the next day or creating a backup because it was all done for them automatically.

What is the biggest benefit from your experience incorporating globaledit desktop at the event?

Definitely how much time it saved, especially being under the pressure of a hard deadline.  Between cutting out the back and forth to get my hands on a drive and the time of doing a mass upload, I saved three hours before even walking in the door the next day. That time makes a huge difference when you still have your general day-to-day tasks to get done.

Any advice for people managing event photography?Lightboxes_CU

It’s really important to come up with an efficient rating & filtering system that makes sense to you.  For the first pass you really can’t be too precious with each photo.  I’ll scroll through everything one time quickly and uniformly give a 3 stars to all ‘usable’ photos.  Then I filter out anything that isn’t 3 stars so immediately the photos are pared down to a more manageable selection.  With a more limited collection, I can then go through and use color labels to indicate which division or outlet it should be used for. So I know that green is Industrial Color and red is Fast Ashleys Studios, etc… Once that’s done, again I quickly filter by ratings and add to individual Lightboxes.  I download those and have four perfectly organized (& unique) collections to draw from.

For more behind-the-scenes from Jean Jullien’s exhibit at the Industrial Color Brands gallery, you can watch an interview with the artist and check out (all four) of the photo booth galleries here, here, here and here

Learn more about globaledit desktop in the short video below!

Automate your uploads with globaledit desktop from globaledit on Vimeo.

How to boost your review & approval with advanced search

Talent Approval Request a Live Demo

Stop searching for a needle in a haystack with globaledit advanced search! We’ve just released two new search criteria that will improve your review & approval process for good: You can now search your ‘Ratings’ by user(s) and/or date range.

Here are 3 use cases to take advantage of these new features and boost your productivity:


  1. Talent approval: How do I look for all the photos ‘killed’ by my talent?

SmartSearch_UseCase_1I want globaledit to show me all the killed photos by talent A. Expand  advanced search, select ‘Ratings’, then ‘Kill’, and click on the user icon.  Once that modal expands, begin typing the talent’s name. Now when you run your search you will see the list of assets  killed by talent A.



  1. How do I look for all the assets rated by a collaborator during a specific period of time?

SmartSearch_UseCase_2Your Creative Director (or another collaborator) emailed you on May 20th to let you know that she’s selected the photos for your next Fall campaign. You don’t know the file names. To avoid having to go through all the selected assets (other team members may have selected some of them too), you can now add your Creative Director’s name, and even a date range, to your search: ‘Ratings > Select > Creative Director > Between May 10 and May 20’. You went from 500 photos to only 20 in just a matter of seconds. Date range is also great to find all the assets that have been rated, killed or approved over a specific period of time, on one single project, or your entire library – perfect for those monthly reports.


  1. I keep searching the same assets over and over. How can I automate my search?

SmartSearch_SaveIf you are used to running the same search over and over, why not save it? With the new search criteria, it means you can now easily find it one single click: All the assets killed by your talent; Your weekly report of approved photos; Or anything that helps you keep your creative production track. Save your time.



Have a question, another use case in mind, or just want to share your workflow?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to help or publish your use case on our blog.


Talent Approval Request a Live Demo

Video commenting. Accelerated. [Snackinar Recording]


Video review & approval is a tedious process that often means endless emails, confusing feedback, and unpredictable outcomes.

To avoid confusion and simplify your communication, we just rolled-out a powerful new video feature that will bring your video review to the next level: Frame accurate video commenting.

In this session, Product Manager Matt Glueckert will show you:

  • How to instantly review your video from any device (web, iPhone, iPad)
  • How to generate an exportable pdf including all of your feedback
  • Best practices for reviewing your videos in globaledit

Have a question or want a free demo? Contact us!

4 Tricks to Make the Most Out of Video Commenting


How do you deliver all your video content and keep all your projects on track when you are constantly on-the-go, in-between shoots, and working on multiple projects?

Here are 4 tricks to make the most of globaledit’s video commenting on your iPhone and iPad—and review all your videos from the tip of your fingers.






Tapping on the left/right of the video frame will move back/forward one frame. Perfect for navigating to the exact frame you want before making a comment.








While watching the video, comments will automatically be highlighted when the video reaches its specific frame. Turn off this functionality by tapping the gear in the bottom right hand corner then switching off ‘Comment Auto-Tracking’. Quickly review all video comments as you play your video.





View your video fullscreen in landscape mode to enjoy the full video experience and better spot the changes you want to make. Get edge-to-edge video viewing by turning your phone to landscape mode. You can still access frame controls and add comments. Then turn it back to portrait to review your comments.






You can also swipe left or right on the video frame to move between videos. Great if you need to review multiple videos at once and get your projects moving.






Introducing video comments in globaledit


Video review & approval is a tedious process that often means endless emails, confusing feedback, and unpredictable outcomes.

Video teams all around the world are constantly facing this problem, so we at globaledit came up with a solution: Frame accurate video commenting.

You can now provide or get precise feedback to or from your collaborators by adding comments on video at a specific timecode, selecting a frame, or manually entering the timecode.

With video commenting in globaledit, your team can:

  • Instantly review your video from any devices (web, iOS)
  • Provide or receive frame-by-frame comments on a video
  • Centralize all feedback on a video into one exportable pdf

To get started, open your video using the globaledit Markup Editor mode. Now, you’re all set to review & comment your video!

Visit our dedicated support article for a full review of video commenting in globaledit, or contact our dedicated team of User Champions.

Tech Talk: Sam Sandoval

We’re back for another round of our ‘Tech Talk’ series with Sam Sandoval, QA Engineer at globaledit. Find out how we sniff and snuff out bugs in our platform, Sam’s exciting career as a professional gamer, and his new found interest in salsa dancing.


Gallery Opening: Jean Jullien’s ‘In Case of Ubiquity’

Thanks to everyone who came out for last night’s Industrial Color Brands gallery opening!  We celebrated artist Jean Jullien‘s installation ‘In Case of Ubiquity’, illustrations overlooking New York City from 22 stories up in air.  The French artist concluded his 6 month residency in New York by creating a visual diary with the city skyline as his canvas. The finished work is a clever, insightful narrative on the nuances of life in the Big Apple. Check out a few choice pieces below and the full gallery from the event’s photo booth here.

The exhibition runs through May 1st at the Industrial Color Brands gallery in TriBeCa. Email to come by!

How Gensler leveraged globaledit to redesign Smashbox Studios

Smashbox Cosmetics partnered with House Leopard Productions to renovate and operate their legendary Culver City studio. The NYC based executive team worked remotely with the LA based design and construction teams to bring the project’s vision to life under an extremely tight deadline of 9 months.

Remote collaboration

From concept to construction the project deadline was half of the industry standard for an undertaking of its scope – with major infrastructure upgrades, complete gut renovations of two adjacent buildings and numerous high-tech and AV innovations. The ambitious project required constant, detailed collaboration among many stakeholders across multiple geographic locations to review and approve the design and daily construction progress. The team involved top suppliers, including the Newport Beach Gensler team, Gardiner & Theobald project management, ARC Engineering, Howard Building Corporation and the Smashbox Studios teams in NYC and LA.

A project of this scope and deadline required a new way to work and communicate. By implementing globaledit, the teams were able to upload and share photos and drawings in real-time from anywhere 24/7. This removed barriers of time and location and gave immediate access to the project and removed guesswork.

From design concepts, mood boards and renderings, to original site photos and landscaping references, globaledit was the primary communication platform between the client and Gensler. Its use was also paramount during construction, allowing the teams to communicate instantaneously and make constant real-time decisions.

“Referencing actual in-progress photos was a huge benefit to the project. Conference calls, drawings and meetings are one thing, but photos are real – they clarify and align the team. Smashbox Studios uploaded around 50 site photos per day. Because of their diligence prior to and during construction we were able to see every detail, prevent mistakes and make approvals instantly. It was an amazing resource that I’ve never had before.” – Gareth Jones, Associate Director, Gardiner & Theobald.

Real-time feedback

In addition to major infrastructure upgrades that included electrical, seismic, fire sprinklers, plumbing and HVAC, the team was also tasked with designing custom features including state-of-the-art color controllable LED hair/makeup stations, world class café and commercial kitchen, modern AV systems and premium VIP lounges and mezzanines to create their vision of the “studio of the future.”

“Globaledit was critical to ensuring every custom feature and detail was executed perfectly. The cloud-based application allowed team members to visualize and identify any issues instantly and work together to find quick resolutions to stay on track with our fast-paced schedule.“ – Ashley Brewer, Designer, GenslerScreen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.29.41 PM

A simple workflow was quickly established to streamline the team’s review and approval process. Photos were uploaded to globaledit at the end of each construction day. The NYC team was then able to review the photos in the late afternoon and make comments, markups and approvals. The vital feedback was reviewed and integrated into the next day’s construction updates. globaledit was also critical in both discovering construction conflicts ahead of time and establishing immediate solutions that avoided costly delays – the team never missed a beat.

“With globaledit we all referenced the same images during construction. I might notice one detail, while our project manager would catch something else. In one instance we caught an issue with the sprinkler install that would have cost well over $100,000 in abortive work.  Catching all of the details adds up to huge cost and time savings. More importantly, it’s about building an amazing studio. With globaledit we achieved our vision and mission. The team and project exceeded our expectations, which is rare in construction.” – Steve Kalalian, CEO, Smashbox StudiosBEFORE_AFTER_CROPPED

“In the end, it only took 9 months from concept to construction for Smashbox Studios to re-open its doors. Usually a project like this takes around 15 months, but we were working on an extremely tight timeframe. We did a load of things in parallel that are usually done one after the other, so we condensed everything schedule-wise.  We simply couldn’t have done that without globaledit.” -Gareth Jones, Associate Director of Gardiner & Theobald.

Smashbox Studios re-opened its doors on schedule and immediately welcomed high-profile photographers and celebrity clientele. The Gensler and Howard Building Corporation team was able to create an exceptional space that delivered on the client’s mission of creating a modern, user-friendly facility. The team is proud to have earned Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2015 Best Redevelopment Project award, and an upcoming feature article in Interior Design Magazine’s April 2015 issue.

Be sure to check out Smashbox Studios’ website for a closer look at the results.


Construction Credits

Architect: Gensler, Newport Beach – James Young, Ashley Brewer, Anne Bretana, Eric James & Michael Robins

Construction: Howard Building Corporation – Steve Segel, Mike Thompson

Project and Cost Management:  Gardiner & Theobald – Gareth Jones

MEP: ARC Engineering – TK Wong

AV & Cabling: Tekworks – Joshua Montana and Dave Novak

Security: Enterprise Security – Keith Trainer

Landscape Architect: Place – Victoria Pakshong and Anne Buttyan

Read & print the full story.


*globaledit is a division of Industrial Color Brands, operator of Smashbox Studios.

Kick-Start your Creative Workflow [Snackinar Recording]

Looking for innovative ways to optimize your creative production? We are too! This is why we brought you globaledit desktop, a tool to upload your assets to the cloud faster than ever.

Join Product Manager, Tommy Lionelli, for a quick 20-minute training session that will automate your uploads for lightning-fast transfer and real-time collaboration.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Get started with globaledit desktop at the office or on set
  • Automatically upload photos and videos to shared lightboxes
  • Best practices to use globaledit desktop in your worfklow


How to Work Efficiently with Remote Teams [ Snackinar Recording ]

When your photographer is on location in LA, your retouchers are in Hong Kong and your marketing team is in NYC, working together on the same creative project can be extremely challenging.

Join Product Manager, Matt Glueckert, to discover how globaledit can tie your whole creative production workflow together, and boost your remote collaboration efficiency.

In this session, you will learn how globaledit helps you to:
– Centralize communication by keeping your ratings, comments, markups, and files together
– Control access to your assets with powerful and easy sharing tools
– Accelerate large files upload and transfer


Automate your uploads with globaledit desktop


Looking for innovative ways to optimize your creative production?

We are too! This is why we’re bringing you globaledit desktop, a new tool to upload your assets to the globaledit cloud faster than ever.

globaledit desktop automatically uploads your assets from your computer to your globaledit account.

Watch Tommy Lionelli, Product Manager at globaledit, introduce this new workflow tool:

Start using globaledit desktop now! Visit our dedicated section or our Support website to get started today.


Accelerating Talent Approvals [Snackinar Recording]


Talent Approval Request a Live Demo

Handling talent approvals can be a huge headache. For over 10 years, globaledit has been providing the industry standard talent approval system. This streamlined tool is used every day by top media companies and advertising agencies, making sharing assets a breeze and approving them even easier.

Join Product Manager, Matt Glueckert, to explore how TV networks and movie studios use globaledit to manage and speed up talent approvals for some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

In this session you will learn:

– How to share Approval Galleries in just a few clicks
– How to use Approvals on-the-go with your iPad or iPhone
– How to keep track of Approvals with our Asset Status feature

Check out the recording below!


How to Protect Your Digital Assets From Security Breaches

Last year IBM reported 1.5 million monitored cyber attacks in the United States. Passwords, credit card numbers, and other valuable information totaling billions of dollars were exposed on the web. Now is the time to safeguard your precious photos and videos.

Start out with these 5 ways to protect digital assets and keep your company work secure.


APC Integrated Media Panel

We hosted the Advertising Production Club’s ‘Integrated Media’ panel last night to learn what makes a good integrated campaign work and why. The outstanding panel discussed what drives a brand, how media is distributed and how the creative process travels from concept to consumer.  Check out the some photos below and the full album on our facebook page.

Streamlining Retouching Workflow [Snackinar Recording]


Collaborating and sharing content has never been easier, and the demand to do so quickly, never greater.

In this Snackinar, we continued our new series focusing on the craft of digital photo and video production. We interviewed top talent from across the creative industry to learn how they use their skills to create top-notch visuals for their audiences.

For our second edition, join us as we take a closer look at the creative workflow behind the making of iconic images.

Our guest Katie Ryan, Account Director at retouching & CGI super-boutique Impact Digital, joined us to share:

  • The evolution of digital photo retouching
  • The challenges faced by retouching teams
  • Tips and tricks for a smooth retouching workflow

Katie has over 8 years of fashion industry experience in retouching, both on the client side and the agency side.

Impact Digital is a high-end retouching & CGI super-boutique based in New York City, embracing all types of projects ranging from editorial work to global advertising, in-store and e-commerce campaigns. Find out more about the Art of Retouching in a new series: “Anatomy of a Super Boutique”.

Check out the recording below!


Industrial Color Brands at LEBOOK Los Angeles

We had a great time at LeBook’s Connections Los Angeles event yesterday.  Hosted by our friends at Smashbox Studios, we got to rub elbows with the best in creative production at an incredible facility.

We joined sister divisions Industrial Color, Fast Ashleys Studios and Impact Digital to present Industrial Color Brands and cheers at the after-party. Check out the gallery for a peek into one of the highest caliber industry events in the biz.

Implementing Enterprise Application Security [Snackinar Recording]


Collaborating and sharing content has never been easier, and the demand to do so quickly, never greater. But with great flexibility and speed can come poor security. So how do you keep creative workflow moving while maintaining a secure environment?

Security Expert Ted Harrington from Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) joined Product Manager Matt Glueckert to discuss today’s at-risk situations and best practices to protect your assets from external attacks – and internal mistakes.

In this session you will learn:

  • Secure design principles: How you should think about security.
  • Know thy enemy. Where they are, what they want, and what you can do.
  • Performing security evaluations for products, platforms, and services.

Ted Harrington drives thought leadership initiatives for ISE, the elite American organization of security researchers and consultants. He is a sought-after speaker and a contributing author on security topics across a wide range of industries.

Check out the recording below!


How using @mentions in globaledit can save you time


We’re excited to announce our latest release: @mentions. In the Asset Notes panel, just type the @ symbol followed by the first letters of your contact’s name, then select his/her name, and voilà! Your contact(s) will automatically get notified in their inbox and see a notification in globaledit.

By using @mentions, you can easily:

  • Save time by drawing your teammate’s attention to a note or a comment you’ve made on an asset.
  • Assign tasks, clarify responsibilities, and ensure your teammates are on the same page.
  • Keep you project on track by cutting down the response time and increase productivity.


To find out more about @mentions in globaledit, visit our support website or contact us for a free demo.