Globaledit Unveils Groundbreaking AI and 3D Features to Transform Creative Production

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I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you today. Globaledit is proud to announce the release of two game-changing features that support our 2023 product vision. With a strong commitment to innovation and customer success, we are introducing AI-based image recognition and tagging, as well as 3D asset management, to our comprehensive suite of collaboration, organization, and distribution capabilities.

Over the past year, we have been diligently working on fortifying our platform’s infrastructure and delivering cutting-edge features that bring you what you need to produce exceptional content. Thus far, we have focused on quality improvements, streamlined search and collaboration functionality, and scaling our platform to meet the demands of your unique creative production workflows.

Now, as we embark on the next phase of our product roadmap, we are reshaping the way modern teams work together. Allow me to introduce our new features.

Smart Tags: Applying AI to Enable Creative Collaboration

With the release of Smart Tags, we are bringing AI-based image recognition functionality to the core of our platform. All assets uploaded into Globaledit will now be automatically tagged with relevant and accurate contextual and descriptive metadata upon ingestion. This technology empowers creative and marketing users to intuitively manage, search, and share content, while minimizing manual overhead and enhancing organization’s ability to analyze performance. 

Our aim with Smart Tags is to streamline the creative production process, giving your teams more time to focus on what they do best. By leveraging AI to unlock time for creative teams, we are enabling you to achieve greater efficiency and productivity. We are excited to see how this advancement will transform your workflows.

3D Asset Management: Embracing the Future of E-Commerce and Media

In addition to Smart Tags, we are thrilled to introduce 3D asset management to our platform. This major release broadens our capabilities beyond traditional photography and video assets, offering seamless support for the next evolution of commerce, media, and entertainment content. Now, you can easily upload and manage gigabyte-scale 3D content within your browser, in the same platform all your other digital assets already live in.

This advancement enables your brand and teams to explore new omnichannel programs and empowers a wider range of teams to leverage Globaledit for their content production workflows. We believe that embracing the future of commerce and media is vital for staying at the forefront of industry trends, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Commitment to Customer Success

At Globaledit, we are committed to serving our customers by innovating alongside you and delivering the best possible product. Our new Smart Tags and 3D capabilities exemplify this commitment. By partnering with you to transform your creative production processes, we aim to empower you to unleash your full creative potential and drive success in your respective industries.

Both Smart Tags and 3D capabilities are fully available to all Globaledit users. If you are not currently using Globaledit, our team would love to give you a demo of the product and discuss how it can provide solutions tailored to your needs. Reach out to us here.

We look forward to continuing this journey of innovation and success together.

Warm regards,

Mathieu Champigny
CEO, Globaledit