Start working on thousands of images
and hours of videos right away.

From the shoot to the cloud - upload content immediately

No more searching for drives and waiting for shipments. Stop wasting time and money on manual processes and repetitive tasks. Distribute content in minutes instead of days and improve overall workflow process.

Keep your projects moving from anywhere, on any device

Access photos and videos in a secure, centralized cloud-based library. Whether you’re on Mac, PC, iPad or smartphone, your team can collaborate anytime, anywhere. Less time waiting means more time creating.

Lets you focus on the creative production.

Get right to work and focus on what you do best. No equipment to buy, no servers to run, no networks to manage, no software to deploy.

With smart tools that creatives love,
globaledit slashes production time...

Review, rate and sort media assets in seconds

Annotate and markup photos and video intuitively

Collaborate and track activity in real-time

Generate custom contact sheets in seconds

Enter Keyword

Powerful metadata, search and asset rights tools

Automate tasks. Eliminate Errors. Save Time.

Share content and distribute up to 100x faster than FTP you can do more in less time
and move onto your next project.

globaledit was made
by creatives, for creatives

We couldn’t find the kickass collaborative
workflow tool we needed, so we built it.

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Users are believers.

Enterprise-grade security, support and value.

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Your assets are encrypted on secure data centers with full backup and disaster recovery plans. Control access with customizable user rights and permissions. globaledit is compliant with the most stringent third-party security audit requirements in the industry.

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We’re proud to provide the best customer service in the industry. Our goal is 100% satisfaction.

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