Introducing AI Celebrity Recognition to Automate Talent Tagging

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We are excited to announce AI Celebrity Recognition, an upcoming addition to our platform that will enhance the asset management experience for ecommerce and entertainment brands. AI Celebrity Recognition will enable users to automatically tag and organize images of known celebrity talent. Soon, customers will also be able to build their own AI models to recognize specific individuals.

Building upon Globaledit’s launch of AI-based image recognition last year, the product team has been focused on training our existing technology to solve a pervasive challenge we see with our media clients.

The entertainment industry is fueled by a constant and urgent need for new content. Yet, unlike seasonal products, talent content can grow in value over time, causing management and marketing teams to search for a reliable way to maintain and use large libraries of current and historical content. AI Facial Recognition was developed to help these teams leapfrog search processes that used to take hours, dramatically accelerating many different management processes.

Globaledit’s AI Facial Recognition capabilities include:

Automatic Celebrity Tagging:

  • No more manual tagging. Our facial recognition AI model identifies known celebrities in your images automatically.
  • Each recognized face is tagged with a bounding box around their face, ensuring easy recognition in images with multiple faces.
  • The feature works in real-time, ensuring that your library is always up-to-date with the latest recognized celebrities.

Customizable AI Models:

  • Globaledit’s AI Facial Recognition feature recognizes known celebrities without any additional configuration.
  • To serve clients that work with individuals outside of the celebrity pool, Globaledit allows customers to tag unknown faces with new face tags that will train our AI to recognize new talent.

Enhanced Search and Filtering:

  • Easily locate images featuring specific celebrities with the improved search and filtering options.
  • Effortlessly build smart collections of images with celebrity talent that automatically update as new photos are added to your brand’s library.

Streamlined Talent Approval Workflows:

  • AI Facial Recognition enhances Globaledit’s talent approval gallery workflow to remove friction in the management and approval process.
  • Approval Galleries can be set up easily by searching for specific talent, adding assets to an Approval Gallery, and submitting to talent for approval.

Whether you’re a marketing professional, content creator, or digital asset manager, AI Facial Recognition can streamline how you manage your content, saving hours of time and ensuring you have all relevant content at your fingertips.