Enhancing Workflow Efficiency and Security

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In the ever-evolving landscape of creative asset management, the Globaledit Product and Engineering teams have been diligently striving to deliver impactful enhancements to our existing features. Here are the features we have developed over the past month to simplify user experience and provide you with powerful tools to empower your creative processes.

Streamlined Metadata Management: Introducing Master Schemas

Metadata plays a pivotal role in efficiently organizing and leveraging the assets stored within your Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. In response to user insights, we developed two enhancements that promise to make the metadata management process smoother than ever before.

For our seasoned users, the introduction of Master Schemas will spark a sense of familiarity. This powerful feature, reminiscent of our earlier metadata panels, enables you to create a Master Schema, a unifying blueprint that intelligently maps data to fields across multiple schemas. This eliminates the need for navigating through various schemas to input data, offering a seamless experience.

Creating a Master Schema is simple and intuitive. Users head to the admin tab, then navigate to the metadata section and click on the Master Schemas tab. Configuring a Master Schema involves similar steps as setting up a custom schema, with an additional layer of defining mappings between schema fields. The result? A unified interface where data entered into a Master Schema field is automatically populated into the corresponding mapped fields.

Your metadata management will be elevated to a whole new level of efficiency!

Enhanced Metadata Suggestions: Introducing the Autocomplete Dropdown

Imagine a metadata management experience where your system assists you in real-time. Similar to the convenience of search recommendations, our new metadata autocomplete dropdown is designed to provide instant suggestions for terms that are already present in your library’s metadata. No more struggling to recall complex terms or spellings.

As you begin typing a keyword, our system kicks into action, promptly suggesting relevant terms that exist within your metadata repository. This feature’s intelligent autocomplete eliminates the need for exhaustive manual searches and accelerates your metadata input process.

Advanced Dashboard Functionality: Data Export for Deeper Insights

We’ve heard your requests loud and clear, and we’re excited to announce the expansion of our dashboard’s capabilities. For administrators seeking deeper insights into their data, we’ve introduced a new functionality – “export as CSV”. With just a few clicks, you can now export raw data from your dashboard datapoints, enabling more comprehensive analysis.

Uncover a wealth of information, from individual user details including first name, last name, email, and last login, to metrics such as upload and download quantities, and assets stored within each workspace. Moreover, gain visibility into your organization’s public links, including creator information and password protection status. This new export feature empowers you to harness data-driven decision-making with ease.

Elevated Security with SAML Single Sign-On Integration

Security remains paramount in today’s digital landscape, and we’re thrilled to introduce an advanced security enhancement. We’ve integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) with SAML, a secure and seamless authentication method. This feature streamlines access and eliminates the need for users to remember multiple passwords, fortifying your organization’s security posture.

Enabling SAML SSO within your account extends the power of globaledit’s security features. It effortlessly integrates with your organization’s existing SAML SSO system, providing smooth user provisioning. By logging in once, users can easily navigate between Globaledit and your organization’s suite of tools, enhancing usability and reducing security vulnerabilities.

In the pursuit of continuous improvement, we’re committed to refining the Globaledit platform. We value your feedback and invite you to explore these new enhancements. As you dive into enriched metadata management, advanced dashboard insights, and fortified security measures, we encourage you to share your thoughts, questions, and ideas. Together, we’re shaping a future where creative asset management is elevated, efficient, and secure.