Track project status of retouched assets


Track project status of retouched assets

Once a production is done, the post-production manager needs to share their team’s assigned assets. A traditional creative workflow calls for the post-production manager to send assets to team members individually, in order to ensure the right assets go to the right people. 


Automate with globaledit

Instead of sending the assets one by one, globaledit can automate this process with Projects. Projects allow you to hide, view, and modify all the components of a project. For example, if you want a retoucher to see only assets from a specific folder that have been approved by a stakeholder, you can set project parameters that would exclude all unapproved assets.



What are the benefits of using globaledit Projects?

• Transparency of all assets and projects
• Set roles and permissions for each asset or folder
• Collaborate with team for clear visibility
• Immediately receive notifications when assets need to be worked on