Global Edit Notifications Icons

Track asset ratings through the approval process

During a traditional creative workflow, many stakeholders need to approve an asset before it can be distributed. Retouched assets get sent to talent, talent agents, Art Directors, Creative Directors, and more. Internally, assets go through multiple approval rounds within various departments. This kind of back and forth on each and every single asset can prove to be incredibly time consuming and often causes miscommunication between teams and team members. 


Automate with globaledit

By leveraging globaledit’s ratings and comment system, you can avoid miscommunication and the constant exchange that comes along with approvals. Ratings and comments instantly notify other team members of any changes on the asset and whether or not it will be moving forward through the approval process. When a team member rates or comments on an asset, the rest of the team gets an email notification along with a unique URL, which takes them directly to the asset where they can pinpoint what is going on. 



What are the benefits of automating with globaledit’s ratings system?

• Clear communication and asset visibility
• Notifications upon changes made to an asset
• Clear path to approvals between multiple departments 
• Set permissions for team members and talent