Streamline team collaboration on assets


Streamline team collaboration on assets

In a traditional post-production creative workflow, a Creative Director notifies the Art Director after they’ve made selects. The Art Director then has to reach out to Retouchers to let them know that assets are ready to be worked on. As the Retoucher works on assets, the communication cycle continues to loop. The team has to use email, Slack, or other forms of communication to talk about assets. Automating this process can saves hours of time for everyone involved.  


Automate with globaledit

If your organization is using a project management system, there is a fast and simple automation: an integration with globaledit. This integration will alleviate your team of any manual work when working with assets. Simply connect your current project management system with globaledit. Any time a project in globaledit is created, updated, or completed, the status will update within your project management system, and all stakeholders will be instantly notified.



What are the benefits of integrating a project management system with globaledit?

• Manage all organizational projects automatically
• Create and assign tasks when projects are updated
• Update project statuses automatically
• Set and adjust team member’s permissions instantly 
• Track project progress
• Complete requests
• Evaluate resources