With a typical workflow, once assets are uploaded to a folder, an Art Director (or another stakeholder) will have to spend hours slowly making selects and manually copying and pasting the filenames of approved assets. Only after selects are made can other members of the team start working on these assets. But, what if there was an easier way for an Art Director to make selects that saves them hours worth of work?


Automate with globaledit

By using globaledit Sync, an automation feature of the platform, an Art Director can view the assets going into a folder in real time. Globaledit Sync allows photographers to upload assets as they are being shot. Simply integrate globaledit Sync with CaptureOne (or any other software you use), and ingested assets in your capture folder will automatically be uploaded to the designated folder in globaledit. No more spending hours uploading / downloading, no more waiting, no more production bottlenecks. Retouchers can also leverage globaledit Sync to auto-upload new attachments and versions saved locally to globaledit.



What are the benefits of automating with globaledit Sync?

• Upload assets as soon as they’re captured on set
• Get back the time you usually wasted searching for and reviewing assets
• Automatically upload assets into the folders you designate
• Assets are auto-updated with new versions
• Stakeholders can make selects in real time