Prepare my campaign for distribution

Once assets are ready for distribution, the Content Manager is in charge of handling the product information that corresponds with each asset. If your organization in the the retail or eCommerce space, that comes with passing along information such as data descriptions, SKUs, and pricing. Sometimes, a Content Manager may input the wrong information about a product, because they have to toggle between multiple systems to gather the information. 


Automate with globaledit

Integrating globaledit with your product information management (PIM) tool guarantees you are always passing along the right data. A PIM and globaledit integration can allow you to clearly see all data points, products, and descriptions and automatically pass that data along to your PIM. No more human interaction means no more human error. 



What are the benefits of integration your PIM system with globaledit?

• Easily enrich asset metadata
• Make product catalogs and SKUs completely visible to your team
• Core to asset automation
• Make CMS & campaigns easier to measure