Notify my team about project status changes

A traditional workflow after a shoot calls for a Digital Tech to alert the Art Director that assets have been uploaded. Then, the Art Director has to notify the Creative Director that they can start making selects. After that, the Content Manager still has to manually go into their project management tool to update the status of the project, as well as corresponding assets. These tedious processes take time away from the production itself, forcing the team to toggle between multiple systems in order to communicate (email, Slack, etc.)


Automate with globaledit

If your organization is using a project management system, there is a fast and simple automation: an integration with globaledit. This integration will alleviate your team of any manual work when working with assets. Simply connect your current project management system with globaledit. Any time a project in globaledit is created, updated, or completed, the status will update within your project management system, and all stakeholders will be instantly notified.



What are the benefits of integrating your project management system with globaledit?

• Manage all organizational projects automatically
• Create and assign tasks when projects are updated
• Update project statuses automatically
• Set and adjust team member’s permissions instantly 
• Track project progress
• Complete requests
• Evaluate resources