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Monitor asset lifecycle through distribution

When working on assets in the traditional workflow, stakeholders don’t always know the status of an asset during post-production. When working with thousands of assets at a time, it’s difficult to keep track of each asset’s status. Stop losing assets in the shuffle. Track asset progress easily and efficiently with globaledit’s Projects.


Automate with globaledit

Globaledit’s Projects give company stakeholders granular control over their assets. Manage who can view, edit, and share your assets with specific permissions, roles, and settings. If an Art Director or a Creative Director is looking to monitor the status of your projects based on each team member, Projects can automate that processes. Whenever a project is assigned, the stakeholder will get updates throughout the lifecycle of the asset, so they always have transparency. 



What are the benefits of automating with Projects?

• Visibility of all assets and projects
• Set roles and permissions for each asset or folder
• Collaborate with team with clear visibility
• Immediately receive notifications when assets need to be worked on