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Get notifications when my team reviews assets

When assets are in work-in-progress, a traditional workflow calls for numerous people to have input on the current round of retouching. Team members, from Art Directors to Creative Directors to Content Managers, can have many opinions, comments, and edits. When communicating with your creative team, it can be hard to keep track of the progress and see what assets have or haven’t been updated. 


Automate with globaledit

There are several ways globaledit can automate this kind of workflow. You can @mention your team in comments and communicate with them directly in globaledit. Globaledit will notify all stakeholders when comments are left or new versions of assets are uploaded. You can also integrate with a project management system (Slack, Airtable, etc.) to automate team communication and updating project statuses.



What are the benefits of automation with globaledit?

• Clearly communicate with your team
• Receive alerts whenever an asset is changed or a comment is added
• Instantly get notified about assets you need to work on