Global Edit Interface Icons

Compare and manage versions of assets

Since there are typically multiple versions of an asset, Art Directors and Creative Directors generally need to see retouched assets side-by-side to ensure the necessary edits have been made before sending them through to distribution. However, most of the time, comparing assets involves multiple windows, tabs, and systems.


Automate with globaledit

Globaledit’s versioning allows stakeholders to compare new rounds of retouching directly with the old assets. This makes it far easier to tell what changes were made. With this consolidated file management process, stakeholders no longer have to keep track of different folders for each round. With our 2-up split, overlay, and slider views, they have all the views they need to make decisions on an asset. 



What are the benefits of globaledit’s versioning?

• Compare asset versions to easily track changes made
• Keep all versions of assets in a single place
• No more toggling between systems