Alert my team about new retouching notes

Typically with a traditional workflow, an Art Director leaves retouching notes on assets after a photoshoot by downloading the assets one by one, then sending retouchers comments and markups separately via email or a project management system. Whether the Art Director needs to comment on a collection of assets or just individual assets, this can quickly turn into a time-consuming tasks, especially when a single shoot produces thousands of assets.


Automate with globaledit

When you comment and illustrate feedback on assets with our Markup Editor, you can automatically alert your retouchers and any other team members. Once all the assets from a shoot are in a folder, the Art Director can rate, comment, or markup an asset. As comments or notes are being added, the retoucher automatically gets notifications about the assets they need to start working on. No more toggling between tools or waiting hours for a response back. 



What are the benefits of editing assets with globaledit?

• Send notifications to team members automatically
• Save time on download / upload
• Update assets’ statuses automatically 
• Increase visibility for the whole team