Workflow Management: The Intersection of globaledit and Photography

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Managing a productive photography business relies on your ability to connect efficient workflows with your team’s best creative output. It’s an intersection where productivity and creativity meet in wondrous harmony. 

That meeting of two operational efficiency and artistic creation can only be realized fully with a Digital Asset Management platform like globaledit. 

Before we dive into what makes globaledit your business’s ideal workflow partner, let’s look at why DAM software is a flavor that goes so well with photography. 

How does DAM software help photography businesses increase productivity?

There’s a fine line you walk as a photography business. 

On one hand, your objective is to create artistic products that connect with audiences and capture entire narratives in single frames. 

On the other hand, you’re trying to run a profitable business that delivers products and services that your clients can rely on. 

Consolidating these two paths isn’t always easy. 

Art is never finished, only abandoned.” Da Vinci’s words perfectly epitomize why creative workflows are often so grueling. As a creative, it’s difficult to walk away from something that still has possibilities lurking inside it. 

But that’s why we don’t go it alone in post-production like Da Vinci. Collaboration and pre-set workflows allow retouchers and editors the freedom to work within a system of efficiency. DAM software for photographers lets you get lost in your creative process while always keeping you tethered to the production machine.

DAM software will help your photography business: 

  • Keep assets organized according to specific operational needs. 
  • Save asset edits into your DAM library while you’re working. 
  • Stay in one workspace with integrations that eliminate the need for toggling between tools. 
  • Access comments and markups on assets directly from your digital editing tools. 
  • Automate workflows to increase productivity and do away with redundant administrative tasks. 
  • Collaborate easily with third-party stakeholders directly from your DAM photography software. 
  • Keep your digital assets safe at all times, even when sharing them with external parties. 

With these features backing your team throughout post-production, you get to traverse the line between productivity and creativity like a pro tightrope walker. 

How can globaledit help streamline your photography workflow?

globaledit’s workflow automation recipes are the key to increased workflow efficiency and make it the perfect photography workflow management software.  

Having a workflow that streamlines production outlined is one thing. But having it execute itself without having to lift a finger? That’s the type of efficiency we’re talking about. 

  • Sync assets with your DAM library as they’re being captured.
  • Notify collaborators of notes, feedback, and project status updates instantly. 
  • Optimize approvals by connecting approved assets directly with distribution channels. 
  • Distribute and publish the latest versions of assets across channels. 

With automated workflows, your productivity gets to skyrocket on each project. 

The benefits of using globaledit’s DAM software in your photography business

Workflow optimization and increased operational efficiency are just one side of the tightrope, though. 

globaledit lets you increase the creative power of your team by offering you a platform that lets you stay in your creative zone. With our extensive Integration Marketplace, you get to create a creative ecosystem that connects your creative tools with your DAM library. 

The integration possibilities of globaledit do more than offer creatives an integrated creative working environment. It also offers each stakeholder a front-row seat to the creative process and lets them collaborate actively throughout the production cycle. 

See how globaledit improves photography workflows

But we don’t want you to think this is all mere chest-beating. We’ll let our users do a bit of the talking. 

Visit G2’s globaledit reviews to see first-hand accounts of globaledit’s adaptability to your workflows and operational environment. And how it offers you a panoramic view of your assets and production cycles. 

See for yourself why globaledit is one of the most reliable DAMs for photographers

Request a demo and find out for yourself why globaledit is the best DAM software for your photography business.