Why Workflow Automation is Important for Marketers

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Content marketers in general face a host of challenges when managing their creative workflow and digital assets.

However, with the rise of demand for visual content across studios, e-commerce, retail and other markets alike – the production of high-quality and high-volume creative assets with low budgets, has created another set of challenges that content marketing teams face in their ever-evolving industry.

A cloud-based visual digital asset library and its workflow automation recipes can help content marketers remain agile with their market’s demands – while staying on top of their creative assets throughout their digital asset lifecycles.

Automate your DAM digital asset lifecycle with workflow recipes

It’s been a while since we’ve punned it. *Cough* – ok, and we’re moving on.

In a DAM’s asset library, there’s a workflow automation recipe creatively mixed and integrated for every stage within your digital asset lifecycle – from asset planning and capturing right through to distribution and asset preservation.

Here we’ll dig into an asset library’s 6-a-grade workflow recipes that you must try to streamline and ease your creative workflows, while scaling your creative brand for success.

  1.     Plan, organize and search instantly

Planning of digital assets sets the flow for the rest of the creative process.  A digital asset library can help you organize and store your assets on a central platform under specific metadata tags that will enable instant search and location of your creative assets.

Throwing a DAM’s project management extension in the mix will help you securely allocate projects to team members and monitor their individual progress.  

  1.   Smart integration for efficient collaboration and communication

An asset library gives centralized access to team members that help them cohesively collaborate on creative assets in real-time no matter where they are based.

The custom API integrations can easily blend into your existing communication, collaboration or project management tools, such as Slack, Adobe Photoshop and Asana – to name a few.  

  1.   Retouching and editing made simple

Avoid waste communication and streamline the process of retouching, editing and approving creative assets with an asset library’s markup and approval integrations.

Here you can make live comments on creative assets that will instantly notify retouchers of changes that need to be made before ‘approving’ or ‘killing’ an asset version ahead of distribution.

Teams and collaborators can view comments and changes on assets to remain in the know – eliminating duplication of work and siloed efforts.

  1. Quick and accurate distribution

No more searching for needles in haystacks – easily locate your creative assets with metadata tags and compare your latest or repurposed versions of assets to ensure that the correct version goes out to distribution.

  1. Enterprise-like security

A cloud-based DAM and asset library offer detailed user management, automated cloud governance scans and customized policy management – ensuring that the safety of your creative digital assets and teams are never compromised.

  1. Asset insights and management

An asset library can give you a ‘birds-eye-view’ of all your creative assets and projects in progress. Metadata can be used for much more than locating assets – it can track the metrics of your digital assets to spotlight any areas that might require optimization within your digital asset lifecycle. 

Globaledit’s visual cloud-based asset library and its workflow automations, can help you streamline your content marketing team’s creative workflow while scaling your visual content, affordably and seamlessly.