Why globaledit Is (Probably) Still the Best DAM for Mac

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Next-gen digital asset management software needs to evolve as quickly as its users’ needs and the creative workflows that serve their clients. More than that, an uncompromising creative asset management tool should anticipate and design for emerging creative workflow needs.

With eCommerce, fashion retail and media and entertainment overflowing with visual content, that’s what creative teams, marketers and visual merchandisers should expect and look for to scale both the quality, output and profitability of creative digital assets.

If your creative production weapon of choice has an Apple logo somewhere on it, we’ll stick out neck out and assert that globaledit remains the best dam for Mac.

What Makes globaledit the Best DAM for Mac?

First off, if you’re in the market for a digital asset management (DAM) platform for Mac, you should decide if you want or need a headless DAM software or not.

What is a headless DAM platform?

Headless DAM means your developers can use APIs to integrate natively with other platforms in your creative workflow tech stack.

In other words, a headless DAM system can be custom-developed to dovetail with your native environment, connecting processes and collaborators upstream and downstream into a single fluid workflow.

Meanwhile, traditional DAM platforms do a good job of building digital asset repositories, albeit siloed and fragmented.

Already using globaledit? Looking for API documentation? You’re welcome.

Why is globaledit the best DAM for mac? Did someone say “Workflow Automation Recipes?”

Mac users love brilliant design—and we don’t just mean visually. Brilliant design doesn’t have to be pretty. Apple products just happen to be beautiful to look at.

At its core, stunning design is functional and the best design is almost invisible. Globaledit’s creative workflow automation recipes are exactly that. In short, they make your creative workflow management seamlessly manageable.

Workflow automation recipe 1:
Centralize and organize creative digital assets

Custom integrate globaledit with Dropbox to automatically share approved assets into specific Dropbox folders. Your digital assets will stay synced too; if any updates are made in globaledit, they’ll be reflected in Dropbox.

Workflow automation recipe 2:
Track project status of retouched assets

Traditional creative workflows require a post-production manager to match and send the right assets individually to the right collaborators. If you’re an Apple fan, this is almost as irritating as a smashed screen.

Globaledit’s Projects custom integration lets you automate this instead of sending assets one by one. Need a retoucher to only view assets from specific, approved folders? Done.

Workflow automation recipe 3:
Streamline creative workflow collaboration

Monday.com, Asana, Airtable, you name it. globaledit custom-integrates with any project management tool worth its salt. You know the rest. Say goodbye to delays, manual grunt work and admin while scaling quality visual content production faster.

View a bunch more creative workflow automation recipes integrating Salesforce, WordPress, Marketo and Adobe.

Here’s the kicker: globaledit’s DAM platform for MAC OS includes MAM

If you’re using a separate media asset management system for video and visual media, globaledit will give you everything you’re used to in one space.

Auto-interest and cloud-render video files using globaledit SYNC, delegate video production tasks alongside other creative asset deliverables, or give collaborations intuitive side-by-side comparison views for faster approvals with notifications.