Why Enterprise DAM Security is Such a Big Deal

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Along with the introduction of new and exciting creative possibilities, enterprise digital asset management (DAM) also brought with it a world of new and (not so) exciting security threats. Even though most enterprises recognize the severity of the threat, they are still in the early stages of fully protecting themselves from the risk. 

What is enterprise digital asset management security?

DAM security is the collection of protocols that need to be put in place to ensure the safety of digital assets throughout the creation process and after. And with features that enable businesses to constantly sync their data collections to their DAM, the importance of DAM security must always be top of mind. 

Digital assets, those creative works that cover everything from photographs to videos to logos, are every bit as important as the great works of art that hang in museums and private art collections around the world (Well, at least to the businesses who generate revenue through them). But breaking into the Louvre is slightly more tricky than accidentally sending a digital file to the wrong email. 

While digital asset management security should be a part of any creative’s life, enterprise-level security is a far more intricate affair than those of smaller companies and freelancers. With whole divisions and creative teams gaining access to digital assets, your creative libraries need to be locked up tight as the potential risk of security breaches is increased exponentially. Your DAM needs the highest grade security to counter that increased risk. And we’re not talking about keeping a modest art collection safe, we’re talking about the need for MOMA-level art security to secure libraries of digital assets extensive enough to fill actual physical museums. 

How can you tell if your current enterprise DAM system is secure?

To find out if your DAM security is optimal, ask yourself these three simple questions: 

Who has access to the assets? 

Most security breaches originate from human error and assets that land with unauthorized users. To mitigate this risk, user authentication (including biometric scans and two-factor encryptions) grants access only to authorized parties. 

Is your threat detection an ongoing process? 

DAM security is not a solution that you install and forget about after installation. Organizational policies and security tools must result in an iterative, ongoing threat detection model to ensure up-to-date security for your assets. 

How big a role does policy verification play in your business? 

Compliance policies and procedures (such as ISO 27001 Compliance, SOC2, and ITGC) aren’t solely for the IT department. They’re there to help build efficient and well-run workflows across the whole business. But how do you know if your policies are introducing the right level of security? Potential vulnerabilities should be sought out continuously in order to plug any holes in the DAM security framework. You might need to ring that IT department for this, though. 

What are the benefits of enterprise-level DAM security?

In 2021 alone, there were 308,000 public-facing databases where digital assets were exposed. With the average data breach coming in at $4.24 million in 2021, widening the attack surface of data breaches is an expensive piece of negligence. Yet many businesses do not realize the value of their digital assets before it’s too late. 

When considering the benefits of DAM, it’s easy to get swept away by the workflow efficiency it introduces and ignore the increased security for digital assets that come with it. The value of an enterprise’s digital assets is often equal to the value of a Mona Lisa when measured against its effectiveness. As such, the safety of these assets needs to be a major consideration when choosing the right DAM tool. 

How can you make sure that your enterprise data and digital assets are protected?

The only way to ensure that your digital assets are secure is to invest in a DAM tool that values the security of your digital assets as much as an original Picasso. Globaledit DAM is relied on by enterprises across the world, and while our main achievement lies in the optimization and increased efficiency of creative workflows, we won’t be too modest when it comes to our commitment to DAM security. 

Which enterprise DAM security features to consider?

Let’s look at the top security considerations that ensure the safety of the artworks in your digital asset library. 

End-to-end encryption

Ensuring that only individuals with the key to the museum can access the art collection is the first step in the security chain. End-to-end encryption allows you to put that lock on your assets and decide who gets a key to unlock them.  

Two-factor authentication

But why put all the pressure on a single lock when your brand’s creative future is at stake? Two-factor authentication ensures that digital assets are secure even when their keys are not. In a world where human error is still very much a part of our lives, having that added security backup can make all the difference. 

Role-based access controls

As we said in the first point, you get to decide who gets the keys. Instead of forwarding passwords to everyone or installing a new, unique password on every asset you forward to a new party, you can now customize role-based access, to ensure that every party (including external decision-makers) is granted access to the assets they need in a secure manner. As an added layer of protection, GlobalEdit utilizes watermarks to ensure that your assets are protected whenever they are accessed by parties outside of your company. 

Multiple backup servers

Globaledit is committed to version history and backing up the lifecycle of digital assets to ensure that nothing is truly ever lost when editing photographs. Why would we approach general backups any differently? With multiple backup servers, we promise you that your assets won’t fall through the cracks. 

Finding an enterprise DAM security solution that meets your needs

Finding a DAM platform that suits your creative needs is difficult enough without having to worry about whether or not your unique security needs are met as well. So why not choose a platform that already has the proven security and efficiency tools you need? 

Your digital assets are your Picassos and Da Vincis, and the Globaledit DAM platform is your Louvre. Request a demo and let us show you what your DAM security should offer you.