Why DAM Directors are the Key to Efficiency

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When new technologies open up a world of novel possibilities, it’s often the flood of possibilities that leave many benefits untapped. That’s why the director of digital asset management is a vital part of the DAM journey, to ensure that the martech tools that boost efficiency are utilized successfully. 

Digital asset management platforms enable businesses from startups to enterprises to increase the efficiency of creative workflows. But while DAM technology may be the foundation of the efficiency, there’s a human element that remains vital. So until the day Skynet takes over and replaces creative teams with T-1000s, DAM directors are the key to efficient DAM workflows. 

So what does a director of digital asset management actually do?

The director of digital asset management is a person with many faces. 

They oversee the management of digital assets and play a key role in creative workflow optimization. At the same time, they manage client portfolios to ensure consistency while implementing the steps that will guide where their brands go next.  

On top of that, DAM directors ensure that strategies, projects, and client objectives are adjusted to accommodate the latest market trends. 

All this, while steering their department toward a future where they continue to play a vital role in the organization’s success. 

What are the key skills of a digital asset director?

As you may expect, any individual who’s planning to fill these shoes needs to possess a unique and comprehensive skill set. 

The skills of a DAM director cover a variety of technical, analytical, and personal arenas. Not any old business director can do this job. A director of digital assets requires a unique insight into three key areas of their company.

Business processes 

DAM directors need to be able to translate their knowledge of business aspects such as Enterprise Resource Planning into creative workflows. Their guidance and input are what ensure the creative department remains a valuable (and profitable) part of the business. 

People management

Analytical skills aside, DAM directors need to understand the people behind the creative output. Connecting with the worker bees of asset production helps directors to understand how to create more conducive workflow possibilities. 

Creative workflows

For directors to equip their teams with the most efficient workflows, they need a thorough understanding of DAM software. By connecting key DAM benefits to the specific needs of their team, creative output and collaboration are improved

Utilizing metadata tagging to its fullest potential will also help the entire creative division find assets during the production cycle and after. 

It’s a recipe that, when baked for just the right time, brings out a result that is a DAM terrific sight to behold. 

Common day-to-day tasks of digital asset directors

Creative workflow optimization, client management, team guidance, business process analyses – it’s just another day at the office. Digital asset directors work a special kind of magic in every component that affects creative asset creation. 

Managing multiple client accounts

Directors rely on the DAM platform to connect assets with stakeholders seamlessly. A DAM lets directors share entire approval galleries or request feedback on single assets. With the necessary access permissions set up, directors also ensure the safety of assets whenever they’re shared outside the company. 

Making necessary changes to the client accounts

Directors of DAM turn the labyrinth of digital asset organization into a walk in the park with signposts on every corner. They ensure that whenever brands are updated, element changes are communicated with entire teams to ensure all ongoing and future projects reflect the necessary changes. 

Analyzing portfolio changes and identifying any irregularities

Brand consistency is one of the most important features of successful marketing in today’s world. That consistency is only possible with dedicated oversight and investment. With an overview of an entire brand’s creative portfolio, directors are offered a true view of a brand’s creative unity or the lack thereof. 

Organizing and leading meetings with key stakeholders to review accounts

Directors are responsible for guiding the next steps of brands. As such, it is vital that they maintain communication channels between stakeholders. When discussing the possibilities of the future, directors can rely on their DAM platform to offer clients a visual tour of proposed changes and the brand’s history. 

Communicating any needed account changes with clients on time

When utilizing a DAM platform, directors get to streamline comments and updates with automated notifications. Easy and secure sharing capabilities enable directors to communicate changes and updates with clients in real-time. 

Managing the full digital asset management lifecycle

Digital asset management platforms like globaledit give directors a front-row seat to each asset’s lifecycle. From the first upload to the last approval, every action can be reviewed and analyzed. Every comment, markup, and edit made along the way becomes part of the asset within the DAM library. 

How much can a digital asset management director potentially earn?

The value DAM directors bring to any business is priceless. But this isn’t a MasterCard ad, so let’s look at the numbers. 

Glassdoor’s analysis lists the yearly base salary for a director of digital asset management as $111,772. Depending on the business, additional pay, including bonuses and commissions, can come to $20,597 a year. However, salaries can be as high as $228k depending on experience and the company’s size. 

What does it take to be a digital asset management director?

The skills required to excel in the role of a DAM director aren’t obtained through creative experience alone. It takes DAM dedication. 

The requirements for the role vary between businesses, though, according to the environment and client ecosystem they’ll be working with. But the general guidelines include:

  • A degree in Business Administration or similar field (preferably a master’s degree) 
  • At least 5 years of digital asset and creative team management experience
  • Being familiar with DAM software 
  • The ability to manage multiple client portfolios efficiently 

Does my business need a DAM director? 

You may not need to look over your shoulder for any T-1000s yet, but you should be looking for a digital asset director if your business is working with creative digital assets. 

globaledit offers creative teams more workflow possibilities than they’re ever likely to discover themselves. But with the guidance and insight of a digital asset director, the possibilities are near endless.