Why Creative Operations Need Creative Asset Management Solutions

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There are two important components that drive a successful creative business, which are a) its creative brand and b) most importantly, the smooth running of the creative operations.

However, only 27% of marketing teams use established processes to collectively store, organize and manage their visual assets. This means that about 70% of marketers face disorganized chaos when working on their creative assets on a daily basis.

If you feel that your creative- or marketing teams might be one of the statistics that are yet to implement effective solutions to better manage creative processes and operations -then you’re in the right place.

What exactly are creative operations?

Creative operations encompass the creative processes when curating content for segmented customer audiences. But there’s also the organizational aspect to ensure that creative projects are delivered on schedule.

As your company grows, it creates a ripple effect on your marketing efforts, an expansion of your creative asset library (yay) – and the need to source new employees or outsource creative briefs to keep up with creative workloads.

And when creative operations aren’t optimally managed, it will create an increased budget, fractured workflows, displaced assets, and disconnected team members.

How can you better manage your creative operations?

We have four words for you – Creative Asset Management Systems.

It’s a one-size and one-time solution to fix the broken components within your operational flow that also helps streamline creative operations.

How does a creative asset management system work? A creative asset management system is an expansion of headless digital asset management systems (DAM) that combines all the moving parts of the digital content production cycle into one platform.

‘A single source of truth’ as we’d like to call it. As it brings all of your media-focused creative assets (photos, videos, graphics, illustrations – any non-textual files), workflows, team members, collaborators and stakeholders together.

What makes creative asset management so important? As the name implies – but the management of your creative assets is the backbone of smooth creative operations.

What type of solutions does creative asset management provide?

Creative asset management systems can improve any inefficiencies within your creative- or marketing teams’ creative workflows by:

 Centralizing creative assets and files

Creative assets and files are stored on one central platform which makes it incredibly easy for team members to store, locate and share assets from one location.

With smart metadata, you can easily filter through millions of assets, and ensure that the correct asset versions make it to distribution.

Creating a safe collaboration space

Whether teams are based in the office or dispersed, communication can fall through the cracks when there are multiple collaborators working on the same assets.

But with your creative assets available in one space, your team can work on the most recent versions of assets, and share live comments and feedback for real-time comms. All this while ensuring that there are no duplications or incorrect versions that go to the clients.

A creative asset management system also has enterprise-level security that will ensure that the safety of your team, external collaborators, stakeholders, and of course, creative assets – is never compromised.

Boosting productivity and ROI 

 When you bring together a well placed team on a centralized platform, you’ll soon notice that saving those few seconds (or minutes) in locating assets – and integrating comms channels onto the creative asset management system (yes, it can do that too) – will not only boost your team’s creative juices, but you’ll also see an increase in revenue.

Request a demo and see how you can start to effectively scale your creative operations with globaledit’s creative asset management solutions.