Why Creative Asset Management Is Essential for Marketing Campaigns

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Imagine this scenario: Your marketing team has burned the midnight oil for the last 3 weeks and with the looming deadline in less than 24 hours, you couldn’t be prouder. 

But there’s a snag.  

The approved images seem to have vanished. In a panicked frenzy, you and your team halt production to sift through emails, files, and memos to no avail. The only option you have now is to start the process of finding another image, and hoping it’s approved in time. Not only will that deadline need to be extended but the process of switching between creative tools to recreate the image will further delay the campaign. 

If this scenario describes you and your team before every important marketing campaign, you’re not alone.  According to a 2019 global study conducted by Asana, marketers spend 60% of their time on non-essential tasks like looking for images or scanning through emails, wasting precious production time and company resources. 

That’s 7 hours a week spent doing tasks that do nothing for your marketing and business goals.

These tasks at face value seem important at the time, but in the grand scheme can be better managed with the right tools and systems at your disposal. 

A creative asset management system (CAM) takes care of the menial tasks of storing and managing your creative assets so that when it’s crunch time, you and your team can focus on what you do best.  

Continue reading to understand why creative asset management is essential for your marketing campaigns. 

What are creative assets in marketing?

Marketing is partly about forming meaningful connections with customers. This is harder than it sounds in digital marketing that tends toward statistical, instead of emotional, interpretations. As much as you struggle with identifying them, they’re also struggling with identifying who your brand is to determine if you’re worth their trust. 

Marketers use creative assets as a means of forming connections with users who they deem as their target audience through images, audio files, digital media, and documents.  

With the right set of creative assets, a marketing campaign can thrive with target audiences resonating with the overall message the marketer aims to convey. Conversely, the opposite is true with the wrong combination of creative assets and the results could have a target audience losing trust in the company brand. 

In a nutshell, creative assets tell a story that engages the audience and builds brand recognition. They’re the oxygen that breathes life into marketing campaigns. 

How does creative asset management improve marketing campaigns?

Striving towards or maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketing industry would require that you use every tool at your disposal. Tools that allow you to communicate more efficiently, facilitate collaboration, and improve overall productivity. 

Creative asset management software provides you and your team with a centralized platform to store, collaborate on and manage the creative assets you create. This one-stop-shop repository improves how the overall organization runs by eliminating the reliance on other software. When your team has a more organized system, it creates a domino effect in every aspect of your campaign.  

A creative asset management system allows you to assign workflows that outline the process that leads to maximum effectiveness and productivity, – that’s good news for your bottom line. At every stage of the campaign process, team members know what’s expected of them and can deliver on those expectations. 

With a CAM system that allows for approvals, reviews, and comments on a project as opposed to on an email, every step flows into the next effortlessly. Assets can be improved upon in real-time, with complete transparency and clear communication.

Metadata is, essentially, ‘data about data’. It could be a time stamp, a date of creation, a file type or another unique identified.

Metadata makes organizing, searching and retrieving creative assets much simpler than traditional methods – like folder logic and file-naming conventions for example, that rely on all users following a set schema religiously.

by  is keywords placed on creative assets and makes them easy to find. Not only will this save you and your team time is taken searching for creative assets but it gives way to consistency throughout your digital branding. The time saved looking for and re-creating digital assets makes the entire workflow highly efficient.  

Success in your marketing campaigns is about finding ways to focus on creating the kind of message that speaks to and wows your target audience. Globaledit is the solution your team needs to manage your digital assets, create a streamlined workflow, and put you a cut above your competitors. 

Globaledit’s next-gen creative asset management software makes it easy for you to find and share files, collaborate with teammates and get your work done on or before the deadline. You’ll never have to suffer the painstaking agony of recreating lost assets. Our software will enable you to see real-world examples of how other companies have used creative assets to streamline their marketing campaigns. 

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