Which Creative Workflow Management Tool Is Right For You?

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Creative projects are extremely grueling and demanding. It’s no doubt that creative workflow management tools simplify the tasks for your creative teams by automating operational work and streamlining the complete workflow.  However, finding the correct tool can be a difficult task depending upon the performance, usability, and how it enhances your workflow.

With so many tools and solutions, how do you decide which tool is right for you? 

Tools To Empower Your Workflow 

  • Sync helps you to automate the upload of your creative assets as you create them during a shoot. It cuts down the traditional waiting time to receive assets at the end of the shoot. With a one-time hassle-free setup process, you get all the assets right at your workspace.

Best for: Photo studios, agencies, and in-house production team at the production stage

  • Markup Editor is a revolutionary tool for creatives like photo editors and retouchers. Markup Editor makes the review and approval process seamless as it lets you access, highlight the required changes, drop comments and finally approve the work in one single common platform.

Best for: Photo studios, agencies, and in-house creative team at the review and approval stage

  • Collections helps you organize and manage your creative assets in one place. The greatest challenge of a creative team is to find the right assets, at the right time. Instead of looking through multiple files and folders, you can create a “Collection” based on your requirement like project, client, and product, which helps you find all the relevant assets at the same place. Organizing and tagging these assets with the help of efficient creative tools makes it easier to assemble, search and administer while foregoing the risk of losing or reproducing pre-existing assets based on labels like active, archived or expired.  

Best for:  Photo studios and marketers throughout the creative process

  • Versioning helps you compare the different versions of an asset and pick the best one. Not only can you view the final assets, but also view comments, ratings, and markups on individual files. You can easily track the edits with Versioning and pinpoint any missed edits. It keeps the entire workflow transparent and streamlined.

Best for: Creative agencies at the post-production and approval stages

  • Metadata enables you to search for assets faster with the help of expandable tags and asset recommendations, update and export metadata in and out of the application in bulk. You can easily find files on the basis of metadata tags like location, time, asset description, and so much more. 

But Metadata is not just a search tool. It also helps you keep track of the process, providing you enough data to help in decision making. Not just that, you can easily share files with other teammates, as well. 

Best for: Marketers, media and entertainment industries during post-production, 

  • Watermarks are essential to enhance the security of your original assets. This tool allows you to watermark pictures easily with texts or symbols so that your organization has the sole proprietorship.

    You can create watermarks including brand name or logo and further customize them to any size or pattern. Its flexibility allows you to hide the watermarks based on your audience selection.  

Best for: Any enterprise company, retail and fashion industries during the distribution phase

  • Approval Galleries allows talent and management to “Approve” or “Kill” assets according to studio obligations—in just a click after you integrate “Collections” or a part of it into an approval gallery to be reviewed by stakeholders.

    Inbuilt data analytics allows key people to see the entirety of live statistics on the platform and assign roles to your team members and grant permission for access to these assets in one place. You can further automate the process of choosing assets individually to determine what performed well or underperformed as per targets by providing real time insight to speed up the production timeline. 

Best for: Producers, marketers, and retail display managers during the review and approval phase

  • Projects automate the process of managing roles and assignments individually while also keeping a tab on the progress. Simply create a “Project Assignment” and a creative brief to keep track of your workflow.

    By having maximum control over your assets, you can assign roles and permissions to share or hold back information through folders, assets, and even workspaces from specific users and decide which part of the asset is visible to the user. 

Best for: Art directors, creative directors, management during the workflow process

  • Pinpoints lets you share very specific assets with your team members through a unique link and alert notifications on emails. You can then share the link anywhere, be it Google Sheets or a creative workflow software. Everyone assigned to an individual project can add and view comments, ratings and markups. 

Best for: Creative management, talent management, retail display management, brand management teams throughout the workflow.

These easy-to-use tools can help simplify your creative workflow management to a great extent. A single platform that automates a wide range of processes can take a lot off the stress quota of your team members while slashing production time and budget. 

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