What is Creative Asset Management

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Creating lasting impressions in a creative industry boils down to what you deliver. 

Even if it means long hours of days that turn into nights spent conceptualizing and creating your brand. If your time spent working tirelessly didn’t result in grabbing the attention of your target audience what’s the DAM point? 

More now than ever, brands around the world are pulling out all the stops to stand out in what could be described as a “Where’s Waldo,” battle of the brands. 

This then begs the question: Is it possible to wield the scythe of Father Time and extend the 8-second attention span of your target audience long enough to connect with them? 

The answer is yes.  


The answer – Through Creative Assets.

Whether the goal of your brand is to whisper or shout, the right creative assets have the power to stop time and become the catalyst to getting your brand noticed among a sea of brands.  

It starts with strategically crafting every campaign for it to speak to the brand image you’ve created and the brand personality your audience can recognize. That means with every campaign, at every stage, your creative assets should consistently appeal to your audience.

To experience the full power of using the right creative assets, you should know what they are in marketing, and how to manage them effectively. 

What are creative assets in marketing?

Holistic campaigns rely on images, audio, documents, videos, and digital media that can set the tone of the campaign. Their ability to create stellar ads that transcend time or get lost in the corridors of the media overloaded minds of users – makes them invaluable to creatives. 

Due to the value they carry, a lot of thought needs to go into developing processes that encourage efficiency and scalability. 

What is the asset management process?

The word process is defined as a series of actions and steps taken in order to achieve a particular result.  While asset management refers to producing, storing, accessing and managing assets. 

We can say therefore that the asset management process is:

The series of actions and steps taken to produce, store, access and manage assets to achieve improved asset management and efficient workflows.

Improving an asset management process begins with a creative asset management system that fosters higher levels of creativity by removing the start, and stop process of looking for assets that aren’t centralized.  That said, a centralized location isn’t the only component of asset management.

What are the components of asset management?

When your team is at the peak of their creativity and the electricity could be described as tangible, all your efforts should go toward minimizing flow blockers that could hinder their flow. But, that’s a responsibility you don’t have to carry alone.  With the right tool at your disposal, you can generate a continuous workflow that only stops once the project is complete. 

From a centralized location, an asset management system should allow:

  • The team to upload the assets that will be collaborated or worked on.  
  • Reviews by the head of department for the acceptance or rejection of assets
  • Easy collaboration with team members who can then markup on each layer to produce magic.
  • Simplified, ongoing communication for feedback, and comment to ensure that the finished product follows the brand guidelines. 

There are numerous asset management tools available to you but without an understanding of the key benefits and features, you may commit to a creative asset management software that fails to perform what you require.  

What is an example of asset management?

Asset management should solve several problems.  From categorizing assets for easier asset location, and quicker scalability to improving communication between team members with real-time notifications.  At its core, asset management has the potential of improving workflow and productivity.  

globalEdit is an example of asset management that understands how delicate the creative process is. From our platform, you and your team can work from anywhere to collaborate on assets that can be retouched to perfection.  

The start and stop frustration of looking for assets is eliminated allowing for an effortless workflow. The power to control, organize and track digital files lies at the click of a button regardless of the size of your business or digital assets. 

And as you scale, we provide you with enterprise-level security that allows you to control who has user access, transparency to usage timelines and secure sharing. You can customize sharing permissions for users and groups and enjoy unlimited scaling access through Amazon web services.

With improved workflows, your team would be on their way to producing mesmerizing assets that reduce audience bounce rates as they remain captivated on your page. 

Rest easy with an all-in-one asset management solution that’s a 30-day free trial away from revolutionizing the way you and your team manage assets.