Webinar: Globaledit x Photoshop Streamline Retouching Workflows



In this webinar, we explore best practices for managing advanced retouching workflows in globaledit. Learn how globaledit’s Adobe Photoshop plugin can simplify the creative process for retouchers and optimize your organization’s creative workflow.

Explore how to:

  • Find success working in Photoshop with the globaledit plugin

  • Learn how retouchers can utilize globaledit markups without leaving photoshop

  • Learn how to assign work to your team by streamlining your collections, and projects workflow

  • Tracking asset version history to keep a record of retouching changes

  • Managing asset libraries for e-commerce and editorial retouching workflows

  • Save time during the production process, and get to market faster.


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Let us show you how Globaledit can help connect and elevate your creative production process.