Video Asset Management Workflow

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As video marketing continues to soar, legacy solutions have proved to be ineffective at managing the many videos created on a daily basis.

Solutions that are more of a hurry up and wait, than an answer to a problem. Why?

Because ad hoc quick fixes like emails and shared drives lack the workflow that syncs a creative team, brings out the best in them, and allows them to be productive. That sweet combination of efficiency and effectiveness.

For your creative team to thrive, you need to find a workflow solution that replaces the inefficient reliance on emails and shared hard drives with one that ebbs and flows into a streamlined management process.

What is video asset management workflow?

A workflow is defined as the grouping of tasks or duties that make up work performed within the business. Digital asset management for video involves the process that starts with drafting video assets, ingesting them into a digital solution, submitting them for approval, and editing them.

Imagine a digitized process flow that allows users to manage the entire creative workflow from a single location. That’s the power of video asset management software.

How does video asset management workflow work?

Automation is the key to optimizing a video asset management workflow. At a click of a button, clear actionable items can be delegated to team members all while working on other projects.

Approvals can happen at a much quicker rate than if sent by email, so you can say goodbye to the, “I never got the memo,” excuse.

Retouching between team members can be executed to perfection after quick reviews that are left on the comment layers.

Finally, when the project is complete, stakeholders get notified. The entire process promotes efficiency and productivity with less time spent on manual admin and more time producing video assets.

What are the benefits of video asset management workflow?

Quicker approvals

Approvals are the go-ahead needed to continue with the next stage of production or workflow. But if approvals are lost in the mail or slack messages aren’t received, it delays the approvals process and in turn production.

Increased transparency

When feedback, instructions, and comments are viewed easily, the gray area of what can be miscommunicated is eliminated. Team members have a clear mandate of what to do, what to correct, and what’s expected of them.

Instant notifications

As soon as new assets are uploaded and in need of review, the team member in charge of reviewing the asset will get notified.

Who needs video asset management workflow?

If you’re looking for a way to reduce the time your team takes to manage creative assets, then relying on a video asset management workflow is a good place to start.

With a standardized video asset management workflow, you can optimize and streamline your creative process. In doing so, you’ll reduce the time spent wading through emails, and reproducing lost assets.

If you are still not sure whether not video digital asset management is for you, start a no-obligation trial. After 30 days you’d be able to appreciate the efficiency and productivity a VAM workflow will bring to you and your team.