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Track your creative progress with globaledit's Versioning. The entire team can review comments, ratings, and markups for each version and compare the new to the old in a variety of views.
How does Versioning help your workflow?
Reduce clutter. Mark the latest version and retain a record of all its iterations under one thumbnail—no more digging through ten copies of an image looking for the correct one.

Slash your production time by spending fewer hours searching and comparing versions.
Use Versioning to distribute the best assets
When you're working with hundreds of creatives, efficiency is key. Versioning allows you to control your visuals from start to finish.
  • Edit
    Each version of your asset is saved with its own comments, ratings, and markups.
  • Compare
    Easily compare creative assets either side-by-side, overlaid, or in a slider.
  • Distrbute
    Make sure the best version of your creative asset is ready to be shared.
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