Tips for Creative Teams on How to Work Remote

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Ahead of Independence Day and the official nod to summer here in the States, globaledit wants to recognize the amazing adaptation our creative and marketing team members have undergone over the last year. Working remotely has a whole new meaning. Not only does remote work now allow our Industry to function autonomously but this has spurred a revolution across content creators to think differently.

At this point, working from home is a part of our DNA; hard-drives are mailed to home, VPN access to servers is at an all time high and garages are day rental studios. There is still more to make this entire process more efficient.

As a creative or marketing team, working from home there remains challenges with efficiency due to aging or disparate technologies. Luckily, there’s a solution to collaborating while being remote (especially in the summer months when all you really want to do is enjoy the weather).

Get Full Content Visibility

With globaledit, the entire creative team can have access to an entire asset library in an instant. Rather than sifting through endless assets trying to find the correct one, globaledit’s metadata enrichment can find assets in seconds. Globaledit can also act as a DAM, a repository for an organizations entire asset library. This allows for a decrease in the time spent searching for assets and instead, be able to find the right assets every time.

Communicate Effectively 

Projects, comments, and @mentions are just a few tools globaledit offers to help creatives communicate with one another. Globaledit allows for communicate within the platform, so there is no need to toggle between email, Slack, or any other platform. There is visibility of stakeholder needs every step of the way. Communication between a creative team is made easy with globaledit because it facilitates collaboration. 

Save Hours of Time 

Globaledit offers integrations with an organizations entire tech stack. Integrations and creative workflow automation can shave hours of time off of creative workflow. Automating workflow reduces redundant tasks, human error, and mismanagement of time. While working remotely, allowing these integrations to take over manual tasks will make it easier to prioritize tasks that need attention. 

Have Team Transparency 

The looming problem about working remote is that a single team isn’t collaborating face-to-face anymore. However, that same transparency can be achieved with globaledit tools such as Markup Editor, which allows a stakeholder to leave notes on an assets for a retoucher, Projects, which create assignments for specific team members, and Approval Galleries, which allow for a full view of every assets stage in production.

Globaledit makes collaboration easy and more efficient when working remotely.

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