Streamlining User Administration with Globaledit’s New User Groups Feature

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We’re making it easier than ever to manage user access and permissions within your teams with our latest platform enhancement, User Groups. With User Groups, you can manage user access and permissions in bulk and separate users within your organization by role or department. This is the latest in a suite of upcoming enhancements designed to make your creative production workflow even more efficient.

the challenge of user administration

Globaledit helps teams control processes in their dynamic workflow by providing granular permissions to meet the administration needs of global brands, but managing individual user permissions can quickly become a time-consuming, manual task. As your asset library grows, so does the difficulty of ensuring that the right people always have access to the right files. To address this challenge, we set out to simplify user management without compromising on security or flexibility.

introducing user groups

User Groups allows you to organize your users logically and efficiently. You can create groups based on roles, departments, projects, or whatever criteria aligns with your organization’s structure and needs. By adding users to specific groups, you can grant or restrict access to assets quickly, while ensuring that permissions are consistent across your organization.

efficient user onboarding

Adding a new team member? Instead of manually configuring individual permissions each time, simply add users to the relevant User Group, and they will automatically gain access to the collections and workspaces with others in their group.

enhanced collaboration

Foster collaboration by creating groups based on projects or cross-functional teams. Users within a group can begin collaborating on assets right away, without waiting to be individually invited to projects.

time-saving automation

User Groups saves you time and effort by automating many of the manual elements of the user administration process.

Managing access and permissions can be complex, and we are eager to see how User Groups simplify and enhance your user administration processes. We’re committed to streamlining every step of your creative production process. Stay tuned for more platform updates from the Globaledit product team!