How to Streamline Marketings Campaign with Creative Asset Management Software

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It’s crunch time. You and your marketing team have to produce a winning marketing campaign. There’s no room to drop the ball. Deadlines are tight. By the time the campaign goes live, it should be immaculate.

Getting to that point can involve long days that turn into nights with copious amounts of coffee fuelling creative marketing asset production. Every hour matters. The last thing you need is bottlenecks that slow down production.

How do those bottlenecks emerge?

Often, they’re thanks to outdated platforms that don’t integrate well with other creative tools or allow for easy collaboration between stakeholders up and down stream on scaling creative assets.

Or it could be that your creative assets are stored in more than one place making searching for what you’re looking for almost always near impossible. 

All of these factors create friction in the creative asset lifecycle, dragging down productivity and the quality of your marketing campaigns quality. 

Let’s explore how creative asset management software (CAM) has evolved, and how next-gen digital asset management methods can help marketing teams scale outstanding marketing campaigns effortlessly.

What do you look for in a digital asset management system?

With so many vendors selling DAM systems, it’s easy to get caught up in features and benefits you may not be familiar with.  For this reason, before you do comparisons, it’s important to understand what a DAM system should offer, at the most basic level.

  • The UI or user interface – The UI refers to how the software is designed. When choosing a DAM system for your team, look at how the software is designed to identify whether or not you’d be able to customize the interface to reflect your brand and work processes. 
  • The UX or user experience– The UX or user experience is just as important as the UI because if the software you use is difficult to use, neither you nor your team will be able to get any work done. Ultimately, you don’t want to find yourself facing the same challenges you’re trying to solve. 
  • Files supported – A DAM good question to ask a vendor is which files their system supports. If you’ve committed to a vendor only to find the files their system supports don’t match yours, you will have wasted valuable money and time. 
  • Storage, users, and licenses – The system you choose to manage your digital assets shouldn’t make your life harder with limited storage and user issues. To avoid nasty surprises, make sure that the DAM vendor you entrust your digital assets with, has provided you with a system that supports your team now, and the team it will grow into in the future. 
  • Use of metadata – Customizable metadata gives you the benefit of finding digital assets in a way that makes sense to you and your team. Your asset management system should then provide you with more than one field to use. 

Identifying what you’re looking for is the first step to streamlining your creative asset management workflow.  But for you to reap the full benefits of a DAM system, you need a few tips for using creative asset management software.

What are the tips for using creative asset management software?

The number 1 tip for using creative asset management software, is to find a platform that does more than just manage your creative assets but your other digital assets as well.  An investment for all of your digital assets will not just benefit your current creative asset management needs but the needs you’ll have as you scale.  

Should you, however, still only need creative asset management, here are a few more useful tips:

  • Organize and store videos, images, 360º photography, and graphic files. 
  • Keep brand documents in a central location
  • Specify what a creative workflow should look like
  • Automate creative asset publishing
  • Organize your metadata standards and categories

What is the best asset management software to choose?

globaledit is designed by creatives for creatives.

Sure, we’re biased but we’ll stand behind the claim that globaledit is the best DAM system for creative teams hungry to scale marketing campaigns and assets effectively.

In a nutshell, globaledit automates and simplifies creative asset management, streamlining creative workflows at the individual, team and creative ecosystem level.

Over and above offering a centralized source of truth for all of your digital assets, globaledit DAM system is efficient and easy to use. The length of time team members take to learn the new software is significantly reduced so that they can focus on what matters most. 

From a centralized distribution center, you’d have quicker approvals on assets- doing away with email approvals that are hidden beneath hundreds of other emails. 

Our creative assets platform enables bulk uploads or downloads- making our system a winner in time-saving! And if that isn’t enough, our software offers several fields for special tags and metadata. Long hours spent searching for digital assets will be a thing of the past, boosting productivity. 

When your workflow is streamlined, you grow in confidence knowing that your digital assets are organized into one, easy-to-use platform that allows you the freedom to scale production.  And you know what that means right? 

Doing more of what impacts your bottom line – creating awesome creative content. Get your demo and discover how globaledit integrates with all of your favorite creative worktools.