Staying Relevant with DAM for Photographers

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To remain relevant in a professional market that is making DIY solutions ever more accessible, photographers need a DAM to make the cut. 

With a digital asset management (DAM) platform tailored to creative workflow optimization, putting your claim back in the game is simple. 

What is a DAM for photographers? 

A DAM is your central depository and one source of truth when it comes to image management. No matter how extensive your collection becomes, your DAM library keeps everything organized according to your management preferences. 

But optimal organization is just the start. The best DAM software for photographers is the one that allows increased efficiency at every stage of the workflow, no matter what type of photographer you are. 

Why is photo management software so important? 

As the face of the creative industry changes, technology is making creative production increasingly accessible. 

Smartphones are replacing photoshoots. Pinterest DIY marketing boards are replacing strategies. And all the while, professional creatives are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the headline that will announce the extinction of their necessity. 

The question many photographers are asking themselves is whether the profession is still alive and kicking

At the same time, nothing’s really changed. 

Why are photographers still such a vital creative asset?  

It’s like Kurt Vonnegut said of writing. “You can’t teach people to write well. Writing well is something God lets you do or declines to let you do.” 

The same goes for photography. The accessibility of smart tools hasn’t replaced the photographer’s eye. But it has made it necessary for you to reiterate your value. 

That need for a photographer’s eye is something production companies have been utilizing more and more with increased demand for visual content across various platforms. 

Being able to convey a brand through an image and bring a marketing narrative to life in a captured moment isn’t in everybody’s shoes. 

But in an age where “quick-fix”  DIY shortcuts are within almost everyone’s reach, how do you claim your place in the industry? 

By doing it better and quicker, and doing it with a DAM. 

How will globaledit help you better manage your image assets? 

As the first player in countless creative workflows, photographers can get the ball rolling in the right direction from the kickoff. With DAM efficiency round every bend of the production cycle, every type of photographer gets a front-row seat to the creative production cycle. 

From freelancers to photographers working as part of an agency or as part of a dedicated enterprise team, find out how your DAM can go the extra distance. 

Synchronized bulk uploads

Uploading countless assets can be a DAM pain after a day of creative freedom. Not with globaledit. Upload up to 1000 images simultaneously, or have them loaded onto your DAM library in real-time during the shoot with globaledit Sync

By simply matching a source folder on your desktop to a destination folder in your globaledit library, your entire directory is uploaded with a fully synced hierarchy. And you don’t even have to lift a finger. 

Optimal organization with collections 

No matter how awesome your DAM may be, its ultimate success comes down to how you use it. Getting the most out of your globaledit DAM begins with asset collections. Organizing assets according to shoots, campaigns, and clients (or whatever category that clicks with you) gives you a complete panoramic view of all your assets at once. 

Keeping your assets safe

globaledit helps you keep your assets safe with permission-based access. Whether you’re collaborating with creative teams or sharing assets with external stakeholders through  Share-Links, your assets can only be accessed by the people you want to share them with. 

Permissions also allow you to collaborate with other creatives and third parties with comments and statuses that are easily shared from your DAM. 

Staying in the creative current

Now that you’re in your DAM, really flowing with the current, you really don’t want to paddle out again, do you? With globaledit, you don’t have to. 

Markups and comments are visible directly on assets, and with Adobe integration, you can complete edits with real-time input from stakeholders visible in your working environment. 

Benefitting from each asset’s history 

Being able to capture the right image is just one part of being a photographer. Another vital aspect is the history of your career, and the knick-knacks you’ve accumulated over the years. Those throwaway assets you never knew where to connect to, just waiting to be brought into the light. 

Collections are the start of organizing your assets. But keyword tagging ensures that you never lose track of a single asset, no matter how meticulous your organizational skills are. 

Search for brand-identifying elements or the guidelines of a brief and instantly connect current projects to existing assets. 

Finding the best version anywhere in time

We’ve all experienced that moment when you realize your grand design was in fact a dud. But with globaledit, you get to track the full lifecycle of an asset, from ingestion to the latest edit, with every version, markup, and comment visible. It just makes it easier to pull a Marty McFly and go back to see if things couldn’t have been better. But with full version control, you won’t be erasing your latest edits from history. 

Find out why globaledit is the best DAM for photographers

When your DAM integrates with your workstation, your workflow, and your team, what more could you ask for? 

globaledit is the photo asset management solution that makes organization and collaboration easy in one fell swoop. And it will help you show the market just why photographers are still alive and kicking.