Scale Your Creative Operations with Digital Asset Management Solutions

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What is digital asset management software?

Digital asset management (DAM) software is a simple and intuitive cloud-based solution that helps creative businesses optimize their digital transformation efforts. 

This is done by storing, organizing and centralizing digital assets – which makes it simpler for team members to locate and collaborate on creative assets under a single cloud-based roof.   

How does digital asset management software work?

A DAM system can help you securely ingest your creative business’ digital assets, which are:

Photos and images

Audio and video content

Graphics, illustrations, or animations

Or basically, any non-text related files (but with the right integrations, it can do that too)

DAM’s smart product features also streamline creative operations by automating workflows with API integrations. 

These integrations seamlessly connect apps and external existing systems that are used daily by your creative team members.

A DAM system further elevates the digital content production cycle when following these steps:

  1. Capturing and ingesting of assets: Instantly upload and Sync your digital assets either during or post-production.
  2. Storing and indexing of assets: Store and organize assets by simplifying their searches with metadata’s custom schemas which will enable you or your team to easily find assets by file type, date, location, or even unique search terms that have been created.
  3. Versioning of assets: Avoid human errors by ensuring that your team is working on the most up-to-date versions of assets even when there are 100s of similar versions available.
  4. Workflow automation and project management: Create rule-based workflows that automate processes within the digital content production cycle. Plus, allocate tasks to specific team members and monitor statuses with the integrated project management tool.
  5. User authorizations and asset security management: Securely allocate tasks and give access rights to correct team members, stakeholders and external collaborators. This protects assets from landing in the wrong hands.
  6. Review, edit and approval of assets: Fast-track the retouching and approval processes by giving live feedback directly on assets and/or instantly ‘approve or kill’ assets.
  7. Automated distribution: Once assets have been approved, the finalized versions will automatically get distributed to the authorized stakeholders or clients for access directly on globaledit’s DAM platform.
  8. Performance metrics tracking: Measure the performance of your creative assets to see which assets are high-performing and use those metrics to optimize assets that are not performing that well.

How do I organize my digital assets?

You might already be using data-based folders, CMS, PIM and other systems to best manage your digital assets. But these dispersed systems can create disorder and disconnect between collaborators when not effectively managed.

The antidote to these challenges is to get DAM organized with a visually-intuitive digital asset library.

What is a digital asset library? An asset library is the centerpiece of your digital asset management system. 

It’s the single integrated space where all your digital assets are created, stored, located and managed – as well as a platform for live collaboration.

Effectively scaling and organizing your assets with globaledit, will ensure seamless collaboration and secure storage of your digital assets.

What are the benefits of DAM?

We’ve already established the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of digital asset management software – but what really makes a good digital asset management system?

Glad you asked. We love an opportunity to reiterate the benefits of globaledit’s worthwhile DAM system. 

By spotting any of these improvements within your current content production cycle and creative workflow operations, you’ll know that you’ve found a good one.

Time- and cost-savings

Boost in ROI and GTM times

Maintain brand integrity

Increase in productivity among collaborators

Keen on finding your right fit? We are too. Sign up for a free demo and globaledit will show you how you can simply scale and manage your digital assets.