SaaS DAM for Small and Medium Businesses

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The benefits of SaaS DAMs are endless for small and medium businesses at a time when efficient and scalable marketing efforts are vital. Smaller businesses have the invaluable opportunity to carve out their name in the market and make the world their oyster. 

It’s a time when you build a legacy one brand element at a time. 

There’s a little space in the mind of every consumer that is exactly the shape of your brand. And it’s just waiting to be filled. You may even have planted the seeds of awareness in your existing client base already, even if they are only the tiniest seeds. 

But we all know that’s not enough, right? 

Whether you’re listening to the original Tears for Fears song or prefer the Patti Smith and Lorde covers, the sentiment remains the same: “Everybody wants to rule the world.” 

That’s why you need a SaaS DAM that will help you rule the world … at least your brand’s world. 

What is SaaS DAM?

The concept of digital asset management has been around for the past 30 years, helping organizations to store and organize their digital files. As technology boomed into the digital era, the extent to which simple storage optimization software could be applied boomed as well. 

Traditional on-site digital asset management systems enabled users to build a platform where they could store and access their digital assets. It was a solution that extended to the extent of the problem. 

But as brands became the focal point of consumer behavior, the solutions that DAMs could offer grew exponentially. 

But having to find all those DAM applications yourself would entail setting up a whole new department focused solely on that. This is why SaaS DAMs are so DAM awesome. 

Cloud-based DAMs for small businesses give you affordable access to a world-class platform via third-party hosted software. 

Today, digital asset management businesses like globaledit aren’t in it to merely solve problems. We’re driven to find ways in which DAM can enhance every stage of the creative workflow. 

Why is a cloud DAM system perfect for a small business?

There are tons of perks that come with cloud-based DAMs. But the biggest has to be getting access to a safe and centralized digital library that simplifies creative collaboration. 

The third-party hosting of SaaS DAM platforms lets you benefit from others’ blood, sweat, and tears. You get to piggyback on the development and growth of a business whose sole objective is to offer the most comprehensive and competitive SaaS offering. 

You can’t beat that dynamic. 

When you move all that in-house, the weight of DAM development falls squarely on your shoulders. 

The simplicity and accessibility of cloud-based DAMs make setup a breeze and lets you embrace the promised efficiency faster than with any other solution. 

How SaaS DAM will change your small and medium business

A DAM offers small to medium businesses the opportunity to embrace enterprise efficiency and the ability to scale their marketing efforts to new heights. 

One of the aspects that makes small to medium businesses different than their enterprise counterparts is their tenacious commitment to a more personalized set of goals and values. With the collaborative features that a SaaS DAM offers, that personal element, the heart of the brand, can be communicated across all channels more effectively. 

SaaS for small and medium businesses all aim to provide cost-effective solutions to the businesses whose investments need to stretch further. But with DAM, the benefits go beyond affordability. 

The 3 major benefits of SaaS DAMs

When DAMs first hit the market with Apple’s Cumulus app introduction in 1992, optimized storage and searchability were the main objectives. But since then, the benefits of SaaS DAMs have gone far beyond that. 

Brand consistency and brand control

A DAM platform offers anyone working on your brand one source of truth for all digital assets. Up-to-date version control means creatives get access to the latest photos, videos, and graphics that embody your brand. 

Whether you’re working with in-house creatives, remote teams, or freelancers, your DAM will ensure that everyone knows what your brand’s visual voice entails. 

Reduced time to market

Once digital assets have been approved, distribution no longer needs to be another time-consuming stage of the workflow. 

Automated distribution lets you export your digital assets directly to your CMS and email management tools or upload them directly to a channel such as YouTube.  

Improved ROI

Optimal production time + efficient distribution = increased ROI. It’s as simple as that. When your assets get into the market sooner, you get to benefit from them sooner. 

Even though production time is optimized by integrating your DAM with a platform such as Photoshop, digital asset creation is still a time-consuming process. That’s why DAMs also enable you to reuse rather than recreate assets, helping you save on production expenses. 

The features and functionality of DAM SaaS

globaledit is a SaaS DAM platform that allows small to medium businesses to build the DAM platform that suits them. From optimizing creative output and improving asset organization, we’ve got you covered.

Real-time collaboration

Comments, feedback, and markups exist on assets themselves and can be accessed directly from integrated digital tools. Custom access control lets every team member participate in the creation process in real-time. 

Centralized organization

With limitless storage capacity, the media files that make up your brand are always in one safe, easy-to-access place whenever you need them. 

Simplified syncing

Upload and sync entire collections directly onto the DAM library from photo and video shoots. Once uploaded, selections and comments are visible to everyone with access. 

Efficient searching 

Every asset is enriched and embedded with key metadata (from copyright to related keywords). This helps you find existing assets easily no matter how extensive your library becomes. 

Integrated creativity 

When your DAM is integrated with creative tools like Photoshop, creatives can stay in the zone by accessing feedback and markups without having to toggle tools. 

Automated efficiency

From automated notifications to team members to automated distribution, globaledit allows you to save the minutes that constitute hours of lost production time in the long run. 

The customized SaaS DAM that suits your business needs

globaledit is a platform built for creatives by creatives, and we understand the importance of creative workflows. Just any old DAM simply won’t do. You need a DAM that you can click with, one that understands you. 

Our custom integration and automation features allow you to create the workflow solution that suits your team. 

That’s what makes globaledit the perfect partner to help your business rule the world.