from capture to campaign,
control your creative process with Globaledit

a platform to centralize, connect, and accelerate content production

your creative production command center

Globaledit empowers teams to collaborate easily and maximize efficiency by streamlining every step of your content production process.


automatically sync any content you create, from still & motion to 3D

Globaledit supports all established and emerging content formats, instantly syncing content from anywhere, enriching it with metadata automatically, and enabling teams to start editing immediately – no matter where they are in the world.


everything you’re working on, exactly where it needs to be

Easily organize your content and locate anything in your library with advanced search supported by AI-based image recognition, dynamic galleries, and always-on smart collections.


keep the whole team involved throughout the edit process

A rich suite of real-time markup and editing tools for still, motion, and 3D assets support transparent and rapid collaboration between users and teams. Integration with design tools like Photoshop, user tagging, and statuses centralize all the threads of the post-production process.

review & approval

never share the wrong content ever again

Globaledit offers a seamless, user-friendly platform for everyone involved in content rating, review, and approval to curate content — helping everyone become aligned on final assets and ensuring smooth and efficient distribution to other teams.

distribution & integration

integrate with your entire creative ecosystem

Globaledit directly links your content to the systems, teams, and platforms that use it. Workflow automations & integrations streamline the process of sharing final assets with your marketing, social, and e-commerce teams. This means they get the latest content the moment it’s ready.


connect to your existing tools


“We had to find a way to bring pre-creative, branding, design, and retouching teams together in a single place. Within just a few weeks our workflow in Globaledit was seamless.”

Jonathan Hutchings

Photo Studio Manager, Belk


Users across creative, marketing & business teams


Still, 3D & video assets managed on the platform


Faster review & edit cycles with real-time markup and centralized approval


Hours saved per person weekly by eliminating manual processes

“Globaledit allows BarkBox to elevate and streamline the entire creative process. Key phases that are essential to campaign development are connected and run on Globaledit.”

Meredith Bogonovich

Director of Creative Operations, BarkBox

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