3 Powerful Ways to Use a Digital Asset Management System

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Male Model Wearing Denim Jacket

The market of digital asset management is expected to reach more than USD 8 billion by 2026. This is because of the increasing need to automate tasks to keep up with the rising content demand. A significant chunk of time across every team in an organization is eaten up by recurring tasks. 

This is where a DAM comes in – it brings efficiency to the workflow and increases productivity of every team member. Here’s how you can use DAM to utilize its maximum potential:

1. Find your assets on time

How many times did your team need to recreate an asset, just because they couldn’t find it on time? 

If you had to measure the cost of reproduction of existing assets, it would justify the investment in a DAM software really quickly. 

DAM allows your team to look for the right assets at the right time, just with a simple search. Need that picture with a model in red dress on a skateboard? It’s just a search away. 

That’s the power of metadata. With a DAM, metadata is automatically set up with the ingestion of your assets. Your team can further define keywords and taxonomies to have a better result. 

Similarly, file naming conventions and upload locations need to be frozen so you’re not left in the lurch later while discovering collaterals.

globaledit’s Metadata allows automatic metadata tagging in bulk, so your creatives always have what they’re looking for, eliminating the inadvertent creation of duplicate assets.

The result? A lot of time is freed up which can be used for creation of assets, helping the scalability of your content creation. With that, a huge cost of reproduction is saved. The ROI from a metadata-powered search is immense.

2. Control assets and monitor projects

Project managers have a lot on their plate, from assigning roles to tracking deadlines, from sharing assets to streamlining the workflow. If you’re a project manager, you might’ve faced challenges while:

  • Assigning the right asset to the right person
  • Getting a centralized view of workflow 
  • Sharing assets with third-party vendors

Also, you have to make sure that creatives get access to only those assets that they’re supposed to. For example, a retoucher might need access to only the asset that has been approved by a stakeholder, rather than a complete folder. 

globaledit’s Projects enables you to do all these tasks on a single platform. Be it controlling your assets, assigning roles, or tracking projects, you can perform every task related to project management on your DAM.

3. Automate recurring tasks

Creatives are best at (and most happy) doing creative work. But the traditional workflow requires them to do many routine tasks, which can be easily automated. This can, on average, save 16 hours per week of each creative. 

DAM can automate tasks like manually uploading and downloading assets, maintaining versions of assets, going through the long approval cycles. 

For example, a DAM like globaledit has features like Sync to automatically upload assets while they’re created. This frees up the time of manually uploading the assets once the shoot is over. Not only that, it also lets you integrate your workspace with your favorite editing tools like Adobe Photoshop. This means editors can edit without having to move the asset to several different platforms. 

Versions of edits through the approval cycle are maintained by the DAM itself. You can compare the versions with comments to select the best piece. Your team doesn’t have to look for the versions in their library or send back and forth emails. 

Unleash Growth with DAM

There are many ways to use a DAM, but it generates the maximum ROI for you when you use it the right way. Using its metadata to search for assets and project management features to streamline the project frees up a lot of time for your team members. This impacts the efficiency of your projects directly as your team can be more productive. 

globaledit’s digital asset management solution gives you the key to success with its cutting-edge technology. Request a demo with us today to discover how you can utilize the DAM in the most powerful ways.