Tag Differently
Globaledit automatically enriches metadata. You can then search for assets and build collections for easy sharing and downloading.
How Does Metadata Work?
It's incredibly easy for users to update and export metadata in and out of the application in bulk. Our exifTool-friendly format deals well with small variations in CSV/XMP files to ensure your metadata is searchable on any third party software in your creative stack.
      Metadata Helps Marketers During Work in Progress
      Metadata helps creatives track assets in the creative process from start to finish regardless of location. This powerful tool gives marketers the opportunity to search for assets by tags including date, location, talent, and more. However, it's more than just a search tool. Use metadata for tracking creative production and to make educated decisions about future creative decisions. For example, product performance can be cross-measured against creative performance metrics.
          What Does Metadata Help You Do?
          Metadata also enables the ability to cross-correlate relevant products to be combined within a grouping, recommendation, or even a single image. You can use metadata automation to pull product recommendations for customers of similar products to increase sales. If metadata catches product data upstream, not only does the entire post process benefit, but your downstream sales and marketing partners do as well.
              Take Advantage of Metadata
              With globaledit's metadata functionality, your team can update metadata on imported content, create customs schemas for complex shoots workflows, and bulk export your data as an XMP file.
              • Tag
                Upload in bulk and use metadata to tag your assets by location, type, date, and more.
              • Locate
                Easily and securely access your files based on the metadata tag you assigned.
              • Share
                Once you’ve found your desired asset, share it with your entire team seamlessly.
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