Markup Editor
For Creatives
Globaledit's markup editor takes a task that's often tedious and time consuming and creates an opportunity for a simple, easy workflow. Without it, a photo editor, retoucher, or another creative on your team doesn’t have the ability to collaborate with their colleagues seamlessly.
What Makes Globaledit's Markup Editor Different?
Whether you’re in marketing, advertising, e-commerce, or any other creative field, one thing rings true: creative work is collaborative work. Being able to access visuals from anywhere, all in one place, is something that is invaluable to a team. Within a tool like a markup editor, your team members will see your work instantly and vice versa. You can collaborate on visual projects so seamlessly that it will tremendously improve your time and efficiency.
      How to Use the Markup Editor
      If you’re utilizing globaledit to markup visuals, all of your markup layers can consist of multiple comments and annotations.
      • Step One
        Enter the Markup Editor and swipe through your team’s imported images and see current markups.
      • Step Two
        You can then make your own markups in the editor by using the brush tool, comment section, or text.
      • Step Three
        Once you’re finished with your work, or approved the work of others on your team, you’re done.
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