Managing Talent Agency Digital Assets with a Next-Gen Asset Library

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One of creative talent agencies’ biggest challenges is collaborating with talent, internal and external stakeholders and clients – whether it be the lack thereof, or the abundance of trails of emails, calls, or quick ‘check-in’ meetings.

While you’re scoping for talent, you’re also chasing stakeholders and need to ‘hop on a quick call’ for client updates. 

And we’ll bet that while you’re juggling all these balls, there’s a high probability that your digital asset management is placed on the back burner to ‘deal with later’.

But, what if we were to tell you that you can bring your stakeholders, talent and clients under one headless DAM roof – eliminating those unnecessary time-suckers?

Camera. Lights. Action – right, that’s our cue. 

Collaborate on a new scale

Headless DAM and its next-gen digital asset library create a single truth repository for all your digital assets with controlled access to stakeholders, talent and clients.

The digital asset library’s workflow automation recipes can help you integrate and sync creative assets in one central place with centralized access. Here’s how:

Automate uploads: no more manual uploads and spending hours naming and sorting your assets. Watch how your digital assets are uploaded into your digital asset library in real-time, while preserving the structure of your folders with its smart metadata

Consistency is key. 

Compare and manage versions: no need to go and find needles in haystacks – with an asset library’s versioning feature, you can view the latest and untouched versions side-by-side to ensure the correct version is distributed to the client.  

Get notifications and set alerts on your assets: once markups have been done on an asset or a status of a project has been updated, you’ll be notified immediately with the projects feature.  

Remain in the know. 

Simply integrate your creative tools

Break siloed comms by integrating existing creative tools and preferred client software with DAM’s smart API integration solutions into your asset library. 

All the tools you need, in one place.

Approve and kill, quicker

Did we mention that digital asset libraries can remove those time-sucking impromptu meetings and back-and-forth emails? We weren’t kidding.

Streamline your digital asset distribution process with DAM’s integrated approval feature by getting approvals from talent or clients instantly and securely.

Keeping digital assets safe, secure and under control  

Using a headless DAM’s next-gen digital asset library is as safe as you can get – with its cloud governance and built-in security compliance features, your digital assets won’t be compromised.

You’ll be able to:

  • Add watermarks onto your digital assets 
  • Allow or deny access from collaborators
  • Set expiration dates for user controls – once that project is done, there is no need for a stakeholder to have access to certain assets

If you’re used to keeping digital assets on a hard drive or USB-stick, maybe rethink that. There are countless ways your data can become corrupted or compromised.

Work with need-to-know access security

With a next-gen digital asset library you control with custom access privilege settings, there really can’t be any uninvited prying eyes.

Global edit’s project management extension features let digital-asset managers securely allocate assignments to specific collaborators, while also tweaking permissions to others that aren’t part of the circle of need-to-know stakeholders.

This custom-access approach not only keeps assets secure, but it gives real-time visibility over assets with a clear picture of who’s working on what.

Giving you full and transparent control of your digital assets.

Put globaledit in the spotlight. We’ll show you how a next-gen DAM system can free up your creative teams’ talents like no other.

Making collaboration easy and asset distribution faster.