Manage Your Photo Assets Like A Pro

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Professional photographers have a rare gift: telling the entire story behind a moment in a single image. But in an age where every Instagrammer imagines themselves a pro, and with every smartphone doubling as an entry-level camera, how do professional photographers set themselves apart? Through the art of time travel and digital asset management tailored for photographers. 

A photo asset management system lets professional photographers connect the wealth of stories they’ve captured to new projects as they come in. 

Or to look at it another way, it starts up the engine of the time machine that lets you connect creative assets to projects across the timeline. 

Let’s look at how professional photographers travel across time with DAM. 

Why is digital asset management important for photographers?

DAM software lets you embrace a more efficient, organized way of approaching photo asset management. 

Creatives are wired to capture magic with their lens, looking for beauty in each moment. It’s all about living in the moment. But organization is something that happens “after the moment”.  That’s why photo asset management is a professional photographer’s best friend. It allows you to organize and manage assets with ease. 

For many photographers, saving assets on external hard drives or directly onto their computers and laptops is the norm. 

But that leaves you with two problems: 

  • Running out of storage space
  • Having to carry around a device to access images

Not the most efficient way of doing things anymore. 

With a SaaS digital asset management platform, you mitigate both these shortcomings:

  • Save near endless amounts of images directly on the cloud 
  • Access your entire asset library at the click of a button, wherever you are

A consolidated library lets professional photographers manage an organized, uncluttered system, which makes finding photos easy, no matter when they were taken. 

What are the benefits of using photo management software?

Using a DAM lets you impact three primary areas of your photography journey:

  • Change the way you connect with stakeholders. From talent approvals to final delivery feedback, DAM software lets you share collections and communicate directly in the library through comments.


  • Connect existing assets to new projects to optimize each asset’s creative potential. Metadata-enriched assets allow you to find existing assets quickly, to either add on to or offer extra value to projects.


  • Create more efficient workflows from the moment assets are captured. Whether you’re uploading assets in bulk or automatically syncing your photoshoot with your DAM, you get to enjoy optimal efficiency from the moment your shoot wraps. 

How to keep your creative assets under control like a pro

Seasoned photographers have years of assets to keep track of and need a streamlined solution that makes organizing assets simple and effective. 

Personalized storage

Creative asset management software lets you organize photos according to the structure that works best for your setup. 

Whether it’s filing them according to year or client or theme, your assets are organized according to your preferences to ensure easy access. 


Metadata helps you find assets quicker, true, but it has another valuable benefit: cleanup. When you use metadata effectively, it becomes increasingly easy to spot redundant assets that simply double up on existing content. 

That said, duplicate images can come in useful when an image is already licensed to another client. Through metadata, you can search for similar images and connect them to new clients without copyright licensing fencing in your opportunities. 

globaledit helps you manage creative assets from shoot to delivery

globaledit streamlines every phase of your photography workflow even as assets are captured. 

The photo shoot

globaledit Sync lets you upload photos directly to your DAM library as you take them. Meaning once the shoot wraps up, your photos are already loaded and organized in their designated folders. 

The editing floor

With an array of integration possibilities, globaledit lets you save edits and retouches directly onto your library in real-time. No more exports and back-and-forth uploads – just quick and efficient version updates done directly from your editing tools. 

The digital tool integrations and automation possibilities that globaledit offer, allow you to create the most efficient workflow imaginable. 

The delivery

Share selected collections easily with clients, allowing them to make selections directly on the DAM platform. To ensure your library’s safety, you can watermark all assets that are shared with clients and stakeholders. 

Finding the right photo management software for your needs

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the adage goes. And each picture strives to tell a story and capture the full spectrum of emotions of a moment. 

The best photo management software allows you to connect the right image to the right moment every time, no matter when a photo was taken. 

Even with years’ worth of photos split across client and project folders, globaledit will help you find the photo that tells the story you’re looking for.