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Last week, we gathered our community of customers, partners, and industry peers to explore the next generation of content production. Our founder and CEO, Steve Kalalian, set the tone for the day with a heartfelt opening message:

“First of all, I want to thank you all for being here today. I want to express how much we love making products, solving problems, and helping you work better, faster, and more efficiently. It’s what motivates us and why we are here today.”

In his keynote, Steve highlighted five trends that are reshaping content production and have informed our 2024 product roadmap:

  • The always-on nature of content production
  • The emergence of new marketing channels that impact revenue
  • eCommerce evolving into a brand channel
  • The use of AI and emerging technologies to create and manage content
  • The rapid evolution and integration of the content ecosystem

Read on to learn more about the products and capabilities we launched to bring these ideas to life.

no more spreadsheets: introducing Globaledit Studio

Globaledit Studio provides eCommerce teams with comprehensive access to sample, shoot, and asset status throughout the entire production lifecycle.

In Globaledit Studio, your studio and sample management teams can automatically ingest metadata for all SKUs and convert them into actionable data. On set, scan each sample’s barcode to check items in and out, allowing anyone to track any item quickly and easily. Globaledit Studio can create automated shot lists to prioritize shoots with changing and conflicting deadlines, updating in real-time to reflect schedule changes. Once shot, statuses are automatically updated in Globaledit Studio and the core Globaledit platform, keeping your entire team in the loop with a fully end-to-end workflow solution.

Importantly, we know that each brand has its own distinct processes and needs. Globaledit Studio is a powerful, completely customizable tool designed to support how you work!

Globaledit on mobile

It’s time to put the power of Globaledit in your hands. With our new mobile app, you can access your assets from anywhere, upload content directly from your phone, and connect with your team to collaborate, markup, accept, and approve content on the go. Furthermore, creators and influencers can upload content shot on mobile directly to Globaledit using our new User-Generated Content workflow.

customizable AI facial recognition

AI-based facial recognition enables brands, studios, and agencies to train AI models to instantly recognize anyone they work with, whether it’s an eCommerce model, brand celebrity, or child actor. This feature alone saves teams countless hours by automating metadata enrichment for all verticals – from fashion to entertainment – cutting search access time down to seconds and enabling users to distribute content immediately after upload.

plenty of new integrations

Many of our users integrate Globaledit with other critical tools—we see our customers using Photoshop, Shopify, and Dropbox integrations on a regular basis. In 2024, we’re expanding this list to include new tools that are becoming increasingly important in project management as well as downstream marketing processes—think Slack, Klaviyo, Hootsuite, and beyond.

Globaledit’s new look

Stepping into 2024, we felt it was the perfect time to refresh our brand—to realign our design and identity with the modern evolution of our platform and the creative community we work with daily. Our new identity integrates various elements—new colors and gradients, modular systems, and a distinctive line with a bold personality—each contributing to express the power of our platform while capturing the energy and spirit of the teams who use our product every day. Read more here!