It’s True: Media Asset Management Software Makes Video Versioning DAM Easy

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Ok, that’s the digital asset management pun taken care of in the title. If you’re a globaledit content regular, you probably groan at all the DAM wordplay by now, (or maybe it never gets old). Just like you groan every time you spend an entire lunchtime comparing video assets to track down the latest, usable version. That gets old pretty fast.

Video Media Asset Management Should Be an Asset, Not a Liability

You know video versioning in digital asset management for media and entertainment is a drag. Namely, the kind of drag that persists in even smaller video-creative teams. That’s because it only takes one person to put a foot wrong in the video-DAM samba for the music to stop.

So what do you do? How about another Zoom meeting to align.


Training away the video versioning problem (good luck with that)

One approach for ensuring video and media asset versioning doesn’t unravel into total disorder is to get everyone on the same page.

But, let’s face it, it sounds good on paper. Aligning anything from 10 to 100s of collaborators around the same video-versioning housekeeping and protocols is a pipe dream in practice.

The bigger your video-creative team, the harder the struggle to manage clunky media asset collaborations and increasingly cluttered workflows.

If just one person doesn’t get the ‘video versioning protocols’ memo, workflow efficiency breaks down. Even when all collaborators are all in-tune, video-versioning and managing digital media assets collectively is always high-friction.

Ok, so what’s the solution?

Let’s explore how cloud-based media asset management software simplifies video versioning to an effortlessly intuitive process that virtually runs itself.

How the Right Digital Asset Management System Makes Video Versioning an Absolute Cakewalk

What’s actually at the heart of the video versioning headache? It’s the fact that digital media assets have a habit of replicating.

Yesterday there was one single video thumbnail in the folder, today there are five and tomorrow there may be 20. Here’s the kicker—they’re all identical.

That explains the painstaking forensics you go through to find the right one.

“If only I could view all video versions under one single thumbnail”

Well, hold the front page, because you can.

Out of the box, single-thumbnail version tracking is one of the baseline perks globaledit brings to your video digital asset management workflow.

Better still, you also get to see:

  • Which collaboration created which video version
  • How many hours or days ago each video version was created
  • Who uploaded or downloaded the video asset
  • And who applied certain labels and changes

In other words, if a video-team collaborator so much as breathes on any given media-asset version, everyone else will know about it.

Don’t think of it as surveillance. Think of it as an intuitive, mutually-shared audit trail to simplify everyone’s work and video workflow.

“If only I could use video versioning to distribute our best media assets”

You guessed it. This is also a very real possibility with the right video media asset management software for creatives, freelancers and marketing teams.

To give you just one example, globaledit’s cloud-based digital asset management software lets you edit, then compare and finally distribute creative video assets seamlessly, in a single workflow.

  1. Save and edit video assets: right inside your globaledit user interface. You can even include comments, ratings and markups.

  2. Easily compare video versions: either in an overlay view, side-by-side or in an asset-slider comparison view.

  3. Finally, distribute your best video version and media assets: using in-platform sharing and distribution to project partners and collaborators.

Sound familiar? Maybe you’re already a globaledit user. If you are, here are some useful video asset library ‘how-tos’ to refresh and sharpen your globaledit DAM knowledge.

What Will It Take for You to Make the Switch to the Right Media Management Software?

Whether you’re a large enterprise, a small-to-medium business or a startup, video versioning friction and complexity adds up to frustrated teams at best.

At worst it can also equal lost commercial potential. Especially if you’re not able to easily and consistently assess and distribute your best work.

To see what video asset management success looks like with globaledit, read some of the case studies.