Imagine if Media Asset Management Software Made Video Versioning Effortless (Stop Imagining)

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Digital asset management (DAM) for video-hungry industries brings a subtly different set of challenges. As soon as video production is in the mix, your DAM system needs full-blown media asset management (MAM) functionality to keep video versioning intuitive and practical.

Without smart video versioning features, video versioning becomes a high-friction chore that gets in the way of producing profitable video assets at scale.

And boy, do video assets get produced at scale today.

Media Asset Management Software: Why Video Versioning Is Becoming More of a Challenge

With smaller-scale video libraries and light video production workflows, manual video versioning can just about hold things together.

At larger scales, manual video versioning becomes worse than just unsustainable—eventually it becomes an actual growth barrier.

According to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Report 2022, the quantity of video people watch has doubled since just 2018.

Of the 582 unique respondents Wyzowl sampled as part of the report:

  • 86% said they use use video as a marketing tool

  • 92% continue to value video as an ‘important part’ of their marketing strategy

  • 79% of non-video marketers say they expect to start using video as a marketing tool in 2022 

With these kinds of figures in play, continuing with clunky, manual video versioning methods will no doubt incur a competitive opportunity-cost.

For PR, media, marketing and merchandising, effective creative workflow management—that allows rapid distribution of original content—can become a key contributor in creating and sustaining competitive market advantages.

Besides Easier Video Versioning, What Are The Benefits of a Modern Cloud DAM Platform?

Here are a few of the usual benefits to expect from a modern DAM system that’s worth the subscription fee.

You know the score. Better, stronger, faster, less stressful.

These benefits are exactly what you’d expect as a bare minimum from a next-generation cloud DAM platform.

Global edit takes these perks further by bringing MAM functionality that enables a whole series of video creative workflow and video versioning perks.

Once you discover them, you’ll kick yourself for having struggled on for as long as you did with manual video versioning.

How Does a Next-Gen Digital Asset Management Platform Make Video Versioning Easier?

Ok. Here’s the important part.

How does globaledit make video versioning easier?

Side-by-side video version comparison

After you’ve uploaded your high-res video assets, you can add markup layers to provide collaborators with feedback. Watermarks get added automatically.

Then you can dynamically view video versions side-by-side in a single intuitive view before approving priority assets that make the cut to be progressed to distribution.

Easily store and find video versions using metadata

What happens to video files that don’t make the grade in side-by-side versioning comparison? You can discard them on the spot.

Alternatively, you can securely store in your video asset repository ready to be repurposed and edited.

All of your video assets will be easily searchable via metadata tags based on location, time, names, and more.

Delight Clients and Collaborators with Flawlessly Intuitive Media Asset Management

If you work with large volumes of video assets, simplifying video versioning alone can break the glass ceiling toward better asset scalability.

Request a demo and we’ll show you globaledit’s video versioning features in full flow. Or read about other ways to organize your creative workflow processes.