Image Asset Management: What Is It?

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Visual marketing and merchandising is booming.

On Facebook, visual marketing content is so successful that, according to Ubersuggest, there are 84% more click-throughs to posts that have an image.

Without an effective image asset management system, scaling your image asset production to see those results will be almost impossible. 

Precious images you’ve spent countless hours working on will very quickly get lost forcing you to spend time recreating them. Adding insult to injury is the collaboration (or lack thereof) between team members on different software that’s bound to prolong lead times.  And lastly,  clear, concise communication will become a lofty feat with the emails and messages either unsent in the outbox or misunderstood. 

In a nutshell, the workflow wouldn’t bring out the best in your team with start and stop ad hoc workarounds that take them from pillar to post. 

Image asset management protects, manages, and stores your assets in one place, allowing you to work efficiently with your team. 

What are image assets?

Image assets are the brand images that define what and who your brand is and how you’d like to be perceived online. It mainly refers to the visual aspect of your brand and includes your company’s images, logo, fonts, style, and colors. 

What is image asset management?

Imagine software that could be described as a utopia for your image assets.  A place where everything is where it should be and runs as it should run.  Miscommunication is a thing of the past and everyone knows what’s expected of them. 

That’s the potential that lies in image asset management. 

It’s where images are organized, stored, and shared from a specific platform. With the right image asset management system, you and your team should effectively control the message your brand delivers with every marketing campaign.  

How does image asset management software work?

Image assets management software is more than a storage house for digital assets.  However, if that’s what you’d like to use it for, that’s perfectly fine too.  Digital image asset management provides ample storage and ensures that your creative assets are accessible whenever you need them.  

But why use it for just storage when it offers you and your team so much more?

Like effective management of image assets. To manage image assets, all you do is categorize and assign metadata to them for easier searches.  

Teams collaborate on one platform improving workflow efficiency while reducing the reliance on other software that wastes time and resources. 

What are the benefits of image asset management?

With easy communication, image assets, and creative tools that can be  integrated with ease, image asset management provides several benefits which include:

Saved time and resources

When you need all hands on deck on a single project, the last thing you need is the hassle of trying to find the approved images amongst hundreds of other images or files. 

After images are loaded onto the software, categorized, and assigned metadata you and your team can say goodbye to countless hours spent searching for lost images and even worse, re-producing image assets. 

Having one repository to search for images that have metadata assigned to them, saves on time and resources.  

Say goodbye to breakdowns in communication

Automation enables team members to be notified when a task is complete allowing other members of the team to weigh in on the finished task.  Weigh-ins that won’t rely on emails that can get lost in Spam folders or Outboxes.  An image management system will allow you to review, comment, and provide feedback on the same platform– improving overall workflow and efficiency.   

Integration makes your life a whole lot easier

For your creative team to work at their optimum performance, they need to have the right tools in one place.  An image management system integrates with all of the tools your creatives need to make memorable image assets. 

Who needs image asset management?

If your office just about makes the deadline after having to workaround a barrage of issues that could be avoided like software integrations, miscommunication, and mismanagement of image assets, then image asset management could be a benefit to your team. 

globaledit is the perfect solution for both companies struggling to get a grip on their image assets, and companies looking to scale their image asset production. 

We offer image asset management software created by creatives for creatives designed to help you get your images edited and organized in no time.

With globaledit in your toolbox, you’ll be able to find the right images for your projects faster and easier, edit and collaborate with your team under one roof and enjoy a smoother workflow. 

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