How to Use a Digital Asset Management System to Scale Your Workflow

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Every organization is going through a fundamental upheaval. Knowingly or unknowingly, from rigid enterprises being run in siloes, organizations are transitioning into ultra-collaborative and digital-focused creative teams. Consumer demands and industry standards are far outpacing the traditional pace of organizational innovation.

Conventional storage solutions, even cloud-based ones, are not well-equipped to deal with the demands of modern creative workflows. Today’s creatives require more than just data repositories.

They need an organized workflow powered by comprehensive digital solutions that help leverage thousands of digital assets, multiple running projects, and globally-distributed teams—and not get bogged down by them.

Digital Asset Management systems or DAMs satisfy this very need and go even beyond streamlining workflows. Let’s look at how exactly DAMs can organize your creative workflow.

What Is a DAM System?

A DAM system helps a company store, organize, access, and distribute its creative assets, in a centralized and cloud-hosted repository. Typically composed of a suite of products, DAMs aim to bring order and simplicity to your chaotic workflow. With the DAM industry estimated to reach $8.1 billion by 2026, DAMs have never been in more demand. 

Digital Asset Management was born out of the need to manage innumerable digital assets as organizations grew in size and scope. With time, DAMs have evolved to encompass every stage of the creative workflow and have also taken over branding and marketing responsibilities. 

As your business grows and you take on more projects, it can become extremely difficult to be able to make sense of the sheer scale of the content your teams need to work with. This quickly leads to precious hours wasted in searching and duplicating content, scattered collaboration, brand inconsistency, and doing redundant tasks. 

How to Use a DAM to Organize Your Workflow?

The most critical aspect that a DAM needs to take care of is organizing your content. With automation and AI-powered features, DAMs help you give a method to the madness, organizing processes scattered all over the place into a cohesive flow. 

But how exactly can you do this in every stage of your creative workflow?

Store and Find Your Assets Easily

With growth comes challenges. Right from uploading your digital assets to a database, you are bound to encounter pain points. You can use unlimited cloud storage and intelligent, metadata-powered search to never run out of space and ensure that your creatives can always find the assets they’re looking for.. 

Use DAM for a Unified Production

Shuffling between multiple tools and communication channels might sound familiar to you. It’s another reason your team might not be performing at its maximum potential. With a DAM, your team can produce all content and communicate on a single platform, seamlessly integrated with all your favorite tools. 

Collaborate Directly on Your Assets

It’s a pain to depend on back and forth sharing of one version after the other simply to get your edits across to a team member. DAMs can help your team ditch outdated platforms with on-platform chat, and use tools like Markup Editor to enable granular collaboration directly on your assets. 

Remove the Grunt Work for Employees

Creatives spend, on average, 16 hours a week on routine tasks. Imagine if they could automate uploading of assets, maintaining versioning, and the multiple approval cycles, and just focus on creating brilliant work. It will translate to happier employees, more projects being completed, and more ROI for your organization. 

Ensure Brand Consistency

When your digital assets are always up-to-date and standardized to the latest brand guidelines, your creatives find it a breeze to find and work on the latest brand templates. With a quick ‘approve or kill’ functionality, any changes can be approved instantly. Your content will always be on brand, no matter the campaign or channel your assets are being used in. 

Leverage DAM for Scalable Growth

A vision for growth is absolutely essential if your organization hopes to tackle the challenges that come with scalability. A DAM solution that’s right for your business will ensure that you’re well-equipped to combat these challenges.

Globaledit’s cutting-edge asset management solution not only organizes your workflow but also guides you across the asset lifecycle. Request a demo with us today to discover how you can easily organize your existing workflow.