How globaledit’s Video Asset Management System Can Save Your Business Time and Money

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Finding effective ways to create, store and manage video assets is as important as making the video itself. If you think that’s an exaggeration, let’s do a comparison.

Think about the time it takes to create your next engaging video vs the time it takes to find, and improve on that exact video when it’s saved on a platform that discourages integrations.

With an analogy like that, it’s safe to say that time is indeed money. Especially when the time that could be spent on producing other money-making video assets is spent on creating better workflows. Not using a video asset management system becomes a DAM liability!

That said, creating seamless workflows and time-saving aren’t the only up-sides to using a video asset management system. To familiarize yourself with the other pros of VAM, read our blog that highlights the benefits of a digital asset management system.

With a video asset management system like the one we offer at globaledit, you’d save your business money as well as time.

If you’d like to learn how video asset management can save your business money, continue reading as we unpack all things VAM.

What is video media asset management?

Video asset management is a platform that assists professionals in storing and managing video assets under one roof. With video assets in one place, it facilitates a more streamlined workflow.

How do I set up a digital video management system?

Our globaledit video asset management tool is only effective when you know what you want to achieve.

There are many benefits to using what we’d like to describe as the best digital asset management system. However, approaching it blindly won’t provide you with its maximum benefits.

Do you want a centralized place to collaborate with team members? Or, would you appreciate a VAM system as a storage platform? If so, have you decided on the format you’d like your video assets to be saved? Of course, you could use it for everything it is intended to be used for but identifying your end goals will help you plan better.

After identifying your goals, upload your video assets and categorize them according to what you’ve previously decided on. You can also categorize them to be SEO optimized after they’re uploaded.

Add team members to the projects they’re working on and instruct them to follow the correct procedures when saving and sharing video assets.

How much is a digital video management system?

At globaldit we provide 3 packages that allow you to enjoy certain features, Starter, Team, and Enterprise.

The Starter package is aimed at small businesses and freelancers. For $12p/m you get 250GB of storage, unlimited uploads, sharing, comments, markup, metadata management, and globaledit sync.

The Teams package is for small to medium-sized companies looking to accelerate content creation. Parting with $15p/m you receive the Starter plan features plus, 500GB of storage, projects, approval galleries, up to 10 integrations, and advanced metadata.

The Enterprise Package though last is by no means the least. This package is tailored to whatever your business needs are. Catering to organizations with a large-scale workflow and asset management needs, it combines the Starter and Teams service offering. The customizable integrations are powerful and security and management are high-level. There’s also a white-glove concierge 24/7 support.

Who needs a digital video management system?

Businesses that rely on video marketing will truly reap massive rewards from a VAM system. You can say goodbye to drawn-out production timelines that hinge on miscommunicated or lost communication.

A VAM system is also ideal for businesses looking to increase their video asset production in the near future a possibility.

How does our video asset management system save your business time and money?

As you know, integration is the name of the game when it comes to creating high-resolution, eye-catching video assets. It’s also the name of the game when trying to save valuable time. Instead of juggling your time between tools, integrate with a VAM system that understands what you need to operate at your peak.

Our video asset management system allows you to integrate with the other creative tools you need to produce the awesome content your audiences love.

Every business could benefit from a little extra money. Whether it’s cutting back on running expenses or finding ways to be more efficient, every dollar counts. A VAM system offers you efficiency. With everything under one roof, video assets won’t go missing and duplications will be eliminated saving on the cost implications that come with re-producing video assets.

A VAM system also saves you on storage costs. If you’re a heavy storage user and need all the DAM storage you can get, we offer an Enterprise package that is tailor-made to your needs.

Save time and money and start your free trial today!