How Does a Project Management System Fit Into Your Creative Production?

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You can’t rush the creative process, we’re often told. Whether it’s crafting content, finessing a photo or imagining the right image, time needs to be taken. 

However, while quality is key in any creative project, it’s equally vital to keep on top of all aspects of the process to complete it on time and on budget. Sure, the creative process can’t be rushed, but that doesn’t mean missing deadlines due to poor project management.

The best way to do this is with a reliable project management system. This will allow you to track tasks, share creative assets and conduct real-time reviews on what’s working and what isn’t.

Keep Things Flowing

Effective creative workflow management is essential to the formation and completion of any project. Bringing creatives and marketers together to focus on a defined goal can be a time-consuming process. However, with a project management system,  there is a more efficient flow of resources, ideas and communication.

All members of the teams can get an overview of what is happening, from inception to delivery. Creative workflow management means everyone can contribute ideas and review progress as the project is going on. It cuts out the need for various proofs to be sent back and forth for approval and sign-off. That whole process can take place in real-time, with revisions able to be completed much quicker.

Creative workflow management can allow you to set deadlines for projects and individual tasks within those projects. You can assign tasks to team members and track their progress to make sure everything is on schedule.

Closer Collaboration

The collaborative aspect of a project management system is one of its most significant selling points. Not only does it allow multiple inputs into a project, but it also allows for creative assets to be shared and accessed more easily. 

Digital asset management (DAM) allows for a centralized store of assets, such as images, artwork, graphic files and video footage, or just about anything which can be used in a creative project. An innovative digital asset management solution will allow that library of assets to be made available to all creatives on a team, whether working remotely or in an office setting.  

Creative asset management allows for closer collaboration and sharing of ideas.

Increased Integration

From a purely practical point of view, having countless different applications from a range of various providers can lead to a bumpy ride for your project. 

Downloading individual apps can be expensive for a start, and there’s no guarantee that they will work smoothly together. Given that the creative projects involve a range of different apps such as photography software, illustration and design platforms and video editing suites, it’s essential to have a project management system that will allow them all to seamlessly integrate.

Increased Revenue  

A steady workflow, greater collaboration and increased integration can contribute to the quicker completion of a project. However, because creative project managers can constantly review a project, increased speed does not mean decreased quality.

A project management system allows for a significant volume of projects to be completed and approved by stakeholders.

Real-time reviews and revisions mean you can get feedback from stakeholders along the way to make sure you are delivering to the brief. This not only saves on time but means you can deliver the project on budget and to the required specifications. That allows you to take on more projects, safe in the knowledge you can provide and generate more revenue.