How Does a DAM Work with a CMS to Deliver Digital Experiences

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The integration of different software and the agile delivery of the results is the key to smooth digital experience. 

Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Content Management Systems (CMS) are integral tools to make your business better when implemented congruously. These tools are the right combination and one of the beneficial system pairs when utilized for your business.

Content management system is already used in many businesses, at the least, on their website alone. Let’s dig into various ways your business can squeeze in the benefits of these management systems.

1. Right Asset at the Right Time 

Let’s take an example of your daily schedule on WordPress with CMS. When publishing a picture with a piece of content, you have to search through a library. What you see then is a mess, multiple images confuse you, and none of them is relevant to what you wanted it to be. 

But there’s no doubt your CMS helps you publish content effortlessly.

With the integration of DAM and CMS, you get the best of both worlds. You can make the process of deploying images quickly. The right asset at the right time is managed by these system integration.


2. CMS – A Good Publisher But Bad Storage Manager

CMS is a great tool, which helps even a non-technical user to publish content online without much hassle. This management system is definitely an excellent platform to format, design and align the online world of your brand. Moreover, CMS drives the behavior and accurate metrics according to your needs. 

But at the same time, the content management system is bad at storing your digital assets. Every blog post needs a cover image and other graphics to keep the audience engaged. The CMS doesn’t have the flexibility or room in its basic media library to store the data. 

When DAM works with CMS, a rich metadata is added to each asset! This makes your process easier and solves all the issues that arise with storage. DAM works by storing your data while CMS efficiently manages your content.

3. DAM it!

If you have a business that’s built on multiple SKUs, data management is difficult. You could use SQL database but this further would extend to need DAM for accessing the data by social media marketers. 

DAM lets you upload your digital assets, tag, and track it for future promotions and present analytics easily. DAM does its functions efficiently and simultaneously provides access to CMS without any compromise, creating a single source of truth for your business. 

CMS alone is unsuccessful when dealing with multiple SKUs, multiple platforms, and thousands of images. DAM is what helps you streamline your assets with content.

4. Keep up with the growth rate 

Competition is wild. And for organizations to be seen, they need to be on their toes, constantly publishing relevant content and be organic. This is both expensive and time-consuming. And as the savior, DAM deployed with CMS is here to make your life easier. 

CMS is beneficial with codefree and rapid production and publication of content to the entire world. While DAM on the other hand, helps you align and categorize these assets, thus, improving the rate of production. Here’s how:


  • Right digital assets can be found quickly with the help of DAM and reused multiple times.
  • Producers don’t need to create new content for the same purpose. The creative assets can be copied and put in interesting ways. It can also help in various marketing campaigns by reusing the same image. 
  • Your content is put in a better position by repurposing and reposting previous blogs, ebooks as case studies and white papers. DAM takes care of the entire management system smartly.


An Integration for Growth Acceleration 

DAM helps you easily find and deploy your assets. Storage gets easier, content is repurposed and DAM helps you create a single source of truth while being able to function with CMS with no compromises. On the other hand, CMS is what eases your publication. Overall, DAM delivers digital experience smoothly and efficiently once deployed with a CMS. 

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