How Does a DAM Maximize Efficiency When Creating Content?

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The unstoppable demand for rich media content is here to stay. The number of video content watched by the global population grew by 85% in 2020. The uber-competitive space of content-heavy media production requires technology solutions to enable creatives to produce content at the most optimum efficiency. 

The Digital Asset Management (DAM) industry is expected to cross $8 bn by 2026, owing to organizations increasingly regarding a DAM as an indispensable weapon in their arsenal. And the reason is obvious. DAM eases the entire content creation workflow from ideation to distribution, unlocking maximum productivity while maintaining creative liberty.

Let’s discover how exactly DAM can create highly efficient workflows for your organization.

Why Do You Need an Efficient Workflow?

There is a myriad of challenges faced by creative operations in the absence of a comprehensive content creation and distribution platform.

  • Unprecedented demand for digital assets: With the explosion of social media and the number of consumer touchpoints, brands require top-notch creative assets at their fingertips.

  • Expensive communication & collaboration: Studies show that organizations lose, on average, $62.4 million per year due to poor communication. Countless hours are wasted on emails and disconnected messaging tools.

  • Brand Inconsistency: Growth in your business and managing multiple parallel projects creates room for brand inconsistency due to unstandardized assets being shared and distributed by your creatives. 


Studies prove that 51% of creatives end up wasting time and resources duplicating assets. Moreover, they spend, on average, 16 hours a week on redundant, non-creative tasks.

How Does DAM Maximize Efficiency From Start to Finish?

Creating content is a rewarding but arduous process. Designing creative briefs, brainstorming ideas, collaborating on assets, and going through several rounds of reviews and approvals are just some of the stages before your content can see the light of day. 

The fundamental reason for you to have in place an efficient creative workflow is to take the uncertainty out of the creative process and make your team work as a whole. 

So how does a DAM help extract maximum efficiency from your workflows?

Ideation & Discovery

Ideating and creating briefs for your project and your creative professionals is rarely a smooth process. But with a DAM, the briefing and storyboarding processes become as smooth as possible, thanks to standardized and reusable templates that can be easily tweaked to suit any project.

You will no longer find yourself searching in the dark and praying for the project to take shape in front of you. 

Intake & Storage

Managing hundreds and possibly thousands of digital assets manually is an invitation to creative hell. Not only do you create wide-ranging issues with asset upload and discovery, but you also actively become a laggard in the industry by not investing in a modern asset storage solution. 

With real-time and automated ingestion of assets to the cloud, a DAM ensures secure and always available storage for your files. And with intelligent, metadata-based asset discovery tools, your creatives can leverage bulk tagging of videos and images, always finding what they’re looking for.

Production & Approvals

When all your production tools are integrated on a single platform, your DAM becomes a one-stop shop for your team and your workflows are no longer crippled due to siloed creation and collaboration. Moreover, your team can take advantage of granular editing directly on your assets.

Advanced approval tools give reviewers instant ‘Approve’ or ‘Kill’ functionality, reducing the number of approval rounds for assets and improving project completion times.


Curating assets for every digital channel or outside stakeholder can be cumbersome without a robust DAM. A DAM allows you to share curated asset folders with the desired internal audience and also share finished projects with agencies, vendors, and retailers.

Your teams can focus on putting their best work out, leaving all the hassle of content curation and distribution to your DAM. 

Wrapping Up

A DAM that is built to create highly engaging customer experiences through a suite of modern, integrated production solutions is indispensable today. Organizations can no longer strive for success with outdated tools and processes.

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