How Do I Use This DAM (Digital Asset Management) Software?

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Companies with a heavy focus on creative operations, especially those in the fashion and retail space, need to constantly be on top of managing thousands and even millions of digital assets showcasing their products.

You need to ensure your creatives are working in the most efficient manner possible. That’s where DAM comes in. 

DAM streamlines your creative operations so that your team can perform at their peak and not get frustrated with the logistics of creating, collaborating on, and distributing product collaterals.

Let’s see why using a DAM platform effectively is equally important as implementing one.

How Does DAM Help Your Customers and Your Creatives?

DAM is aimed at a very fundamental tenet – taking the uncertainty out of your creative operations. From shooting product images and videos and collaborating on multiple editing tools to sharing final approved content with stakeholders, your designers, editors, and marketers have a lot on their plate.

DAM streamlines your entire asset lifecycle so your creatives don’t waste hours on redundant tasks. 

When your team is busy producing great content and acing project management and content distribution, your business ends up cutting down GTM time and your products get in front of your customers faster. Your ROI goes through the roof and your brand recognition gets bolstered.

How Can You Use Your DAM to the Fullest?

Once you’ve successfully managed to jump the budgetary and leadership hoops and implemented a brand new DAM software, it’s natural to be confused as to how you should go about using it.

You need to clearly put in place specific ways of working that will help you and your team derive the most value from your DAM.

Step 1: Define a Workflow

Picture this: Your brand needs to fast-track the launch of your latest winter collection. To even begin work on this project, you need to define a clear flow of steps from ideation to delivery.

globaledit’s DAM allows you to standardize every stage of your workflow with its suite of industry-leading tools aimed at streamlining the entire process and simplifying life for your creatives.

Step 2: Define Asset Permissions

With multiple projects running parallel for different apparel lines, it becomes essential to allow people access to only what they need for their own projects.

Collections allows you to group together different assets in contextual groups which you can share with targeted people in your team. They can then view and edit only the assets in that group.

Step 3: Define Metadata and Taxonomy Rules

Metadata allows fast and accurate discovery of assets. But you need to clearly define the rules for populating the metadata for digital assets

Similarly, file naming conventions and upload locations need to be frozen so you’re not left in the lurch later while discovering collaterals.

Globaledit’s Metadata allows automatic metadata tagging in bulk, so your creatives always have what they’re looking for, eliminating the inadvertent creation of duplicate assets.

Step 4: Build an Asset Library

Once you’ve defined your workflow and worked out access controls and taxonomy rules, you need to organize your assets in albums and folders, to make sense of the thousands of files.

globaledit Sync helps you with the automatic ingestion of your files to the cloud in real-time and Versioning helps you maintain an easily navigable collection of each version of your assets, each with its own edit history.

Step 5: Measure Your DAM Performance

After all the steps you go through from producing and distributing product images and videos, you need to prove that the organization’s investment in the DAM software was justified. 

DAM allows you to track asset performance with your creatives being able to score every collateral for usability and relevance.

DAM offers a powerful way to maximize the potential of both the tools at your disposal and your creative team. 

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