How DAM Collaboration Boosts Agency Efficiency

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Digital asset management is a critical part of any digital agency’s workflow, especially at a time when in-house production is becoming increasingly popular. 

But digital asset management is about more than creating a repository of creative assets. It’s about establishing a place where you get to optimize creative workflows and take control of your creative ecosystem. 

Because in a creative agency, it’s that ecosystem that brings about new perspectives and possibilities.

To embrace and share those possibilities, agencies need to change the way they collaborate, both internally and with brands.   

How can digital agencies remain relevant in a changing market? 

With more and more brands choosing to take their marketing in-house, agencies need to overcome two challenges to remain relevant.

Challenge 1: Create optimized workflows that produce results as efficiently as an in-house team would have. 

Challenge 2: Help clients to feel more in control of their marketing material by making them an active part of the production cycle. 

Overcoming these challenges may require you to rethink your approach, or at least find a way to optimize existing operations for optimal efficiency. 

Let’s see how DAM can help you do both. 

Creating a collaborative ecosystem

In an agency, almost every role is filled by someone who lives for creative ideas. So unlike in-house creative teams that are often driven by business objectives, agencies get to be driven solely by creative output. 

The key is not to lose out on that creative drive by siloing off stages and keeping the numerous agency role players separate from the creative production engine. 

By integrating your entire workflow with your DAM software, you get to give everyone the inside track on projects. 

How to implement an optimized workflow in your DAM

Putting in place key globaledit automations will keep the entire connected to projects. 

Finding a way to connect that increased efficiency and value to clients is the next step.

Sharing the benefit of perspective

It starts by reconnecting with the characteristic that made agencies so powerful to start with: the ability to connect brands to new perspectives. 

In an agency, there’s never the stagnancy that can creep into in-house creative solutions, where you work on the same content day in and day out. By working with multiple brands, you get to explore creative avenues that single-brand production often limits. 

The shifting creative perspectives that exist within the agency allow creatives to see new possibilities outside of the regular brand barriers.

Now all you need to do is find a way to translate that multi-faceted creative environment into a collaborative environment where clients feel like a part of the project. 

Show, don’t tell

Brands know what they want and where they want to go. And they know the best way to get there. Or at least they think they do. 

As an agency, you get to do more than bring ideas to the table. You get to bring visions to life. 

With a collaborative digital asset management platform, you get to show clients the possibilities their brand is missing out on instead of just telling them. 

Instead of wasting time in back-and-forth email sagas, you can get feedback on ideas as you go by connecting clients to the workflow in your DAM. 

How to implement automated client collaboration on your DAM

Keeping teams in the loop when it comes to communication with third parties is made simple with these globaledit automations: 

Now the only question left is whether your agency is able to live up to the challenge and show brands why you’re still relevant. 

Find out how globaledit can help your digital agency share your perspective 

Optimized workflows and easy client communication are just the tip of the globaledit iceberg. globaledit has the perfect DAM solution for digital agencies, with collaborative power that makes it easy to embrace and share possibilities. 

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